@yunohost is the best thing since slice bread!

@nextcloud @writefreely @pixelfed and instances all setup in an afternoon... 👏

Now to look at what else I can get running... 😄

@imattau Thanks for pointing this one out. I’ve been dreaming of forking over the money for a VPS and host my own stuff and save some money in the process, but things seem too complicated for me. Maybe This is it. VPS and this, and I should be in business, right ?

@maique VPS... or just an old laptop/PC... like me 😀

@imattau I don’t have a old one, will try to find it. Only an old Mac laptop, but I believe it’s still PowerPC, so luck there 😔 Thanks!

I can help you get cheap VPS (I'm at Contabo.com)
Help you get @yunohost working with your domain, once you get a tour of the tool, you should be able to get on your own easily and there is always their forum, IRC and other place for great community support!

That path is much more freedom than just having one website/app at any given shared hosting provider.

@rmdes @yunohost @imattau Thank you, and sorry for taking so long to answer. Long afternoon, but looking into it as soon as I get home 😊

@rmdes Read the docs, briefly, and seems pretty straightforward. Do you recommend Contabo ? I might give it a try, even if I don’t really need it, but seems like a fun way to spend a few euros. Do you have a referral link that can get you something if I sign up through it ?

@yunohost @imattau

I don't have referral but in my experience you can start with the cheapest appliance and if in the future you need more resources you will be able to upgrade..keep an eye on Hetzner too, they have affordable VPS too
@yunohost @imattau

@rmdes Obrigado! Which one would you recommend for a total VPS newbie, and someone with very limited Linux skills ? Contabo seems a bit cheaper, but not too much.

@yunohost @imattau

@maique a friend of mine is running @yunohost on this one contabo.com/?show=configurator but thisis not enough if you want to run your own mastodon node for example, that's all good for your own blog/email/cloud etc...but if you want other people to use your server, than you need to go up, I'm using this one contabo.com/?show=configurator but have several clients using it etc...so I guess the first thing is ask yourself what you want to (...)

@maique @yunohost learn/do before selecting the VPS

@rmdes Yes, I can tell already there will be a lot of reading before I commit to it. Mainly I want to use it as a learning tool. At the moment my main site is working, blogging needs are (very much so) met by Micro.blog and Write.as, and Mastodon instance (for one) is brilliantly managed by Masto.host. Thank you again, I’ll let you know what happens next 😊

Great! Feel free ask every question you might have on this journey!

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