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I've discovered that the is easily accessible from a country [anon] which is extremely restrictive towards social media...

@torproject , maybe the can help people looking for private tor bridges using a hashtag? maybe?

Then people who have access to Gmail etc can get the bridge list on behalf of others and DM the list to them... Not perfect, but better than nothing.

How come nobody told me about this before?!

Yunohost - Easily manage your home server - Lemmy

CTemplar - New on @fdroidorg - Anyone else tried this service?

CTemplar (Encrypted email that respects your privacy) -

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We have 44% to go for the #AppCenterForEveryone stretch goal—and just one week to do it! Back our campaign to get exclusive swag and help us improve privacy and security for both AppCenter and elementary OS.

Security scandal around WhatsApp shows the need for decentralised messengers and digital sovereignty - Lemmy

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Congrats to @letsencrypt for issuing their 1 billionth certificate and helping encrypt the entire Internet!

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Did you know you can set up ProtonVPN on your WiFi router? Learn how to defend all your devices at once.

Email Self-Defense - a guide to fighting surveillance with GnuPG encryption - Lemmy

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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

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Did you know that you can long press links with #Fedilab?
You will be able to display the full URL and even check redirects before opening it.

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📣 PSA 📣

Did you know we have a @pixelfed instance at ? It's got open registration and could use a few more users 😉

We also have an ambassador account at @ambassador that boosts and favs data on the timeline there too!

What’s Brave Done For My Privacy Lately? Episode #2: Third-Party Cosmetic Filtering | Brave Browser - Lemmy

Trump Administration Targets Your 'Warrant-Proof' Encrypted Messages - Lemmy

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We're updating our #WriteFreely Contributing Guide for developers and want to know what you think! Is anything still missing? Anything still unclear?

Preview the new guide here:

Let us know your feedback on our open pull request:

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#Mastodon, when you boost a toot, do you usually also favorite?

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Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software: Get off fb, goog, amazon, apple and msw!

I don't normally beg for boosts, but this is worth sharing with your IRL friends via email and w/e else. Older Mastodonians pretty much know most of these. I hope?

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I think I will work on a new layout for displaying toots.
I will only keep at the bottom the fav, boost, translate and three vertical dots icons (with no numbers).
Media will be displayed in a gallery (horizontal scroll) that will allow software allowing more than 4 media to display them.
It will be based on the compact mode. More suggestions are welcome.

Delta Chat : Send encrypted e-mails easly - Lemmy

Available for download from @fdroidorg

I already use , but can use for the app 😁.. All Google can see is an encrypted message 🤭

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