With my week for IMakeFoss coming at an end the final topic I want to discuss has nothing to do with XR but with the challenges of contributing to an Open Source project. Godot has developers contributing from all over the world. For me that is Sydney Australia.

Working remote is nothing new to me but I'm pretty far away from all the other core contributors, I'm in a completely different timezone, I may need to talk to someone asleep on the other side of the globe, and you can't just grab a coffee for social reasons.

On the flipside, it's easier to zone everything out and work on a problem without distractions and those of us who live online lives have found other means to socialize with their peers.

That said, I think its a challenge that those in FOSS deal with most.

So I'd be interesting to know, how do others experience this? I guess it appeals to those of us who are more introverted and it may even be a boon, but there may be others who sees this as a reason to be weary. So what is your take?

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