Is it effed up that I licked and dipped my corn dogs in champagne so that my bf can't have it? 😅

Been sick for a week with the stomach flu. Ugh. Negative Covid test. Man, that swab in my brain sucked. Slowly feeling better now. Food is starting to taste like food. Water is becoming more tolerable. And I can finally use my PC! :blobcatberlineraww:

Happy 32nd birthday to me! I was going to make an AMF but decided to keep it light and just made myself a cosmo because I still am working on my research paper for Microbiology. :smart:

I thought I was doing great. But then, one situation can change how you feel in a blink of an eye. Maybe this mimosa can help. :ac_heartbreak:

FML - medical director comes to me asking if I'm rooming her 8:30am patient (it's 9 minutes past 8:30) and she wasn't in the schedule. So, I go hurriedly roomed the patient apologizing for the wait. turns out, she is the Nurse Director at the Department of Health in WA State. 😣

I would like to share America's Frontline Doctors - they speak the truth about the experimental Covid-19 vaccine at Please, please be informed!

I reduced my open tabs from 121 to 88 today. I'm proud of me.

@mike I also like giving my RAM a bit of air, but only a little.


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