Formal security analysis of MimbleWimble with security proof, including the specific scheme implemented in -

Congratulation to for the Sapling activation! Improvements to privacy technology benefits us all.

We made our first donation of ~.2BTC to the official Grin Development Fund thanks to support from the community. Read about our month and check out our transparency report: @grinMW @grincouncil

Benedikt Bünz's UTXO commitments / RSA Accumulators: wrote: This was a talk from Scaling Bitcoin “Kaizen” a few weeks back. Title “A Scalable Drop in Replacement for Merkle Trees” by Benedikt Bünz, Benjamin…

At the moment, there is still some linkability possible (see Ian Miers excellent Scaling Bitcoin Tokyo prezo). But we're at v0, more tricks are possible. If you compare to Zcash, keep in mind they've had 1 year already and have some way to go before privacy by default.

In contrast, has less "perfect" privacy right now, but 100% transactions are confidential.

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privacy in a toot: using Confidential Transactions natively, amounts are hidden and no addresses. All transaction data look like indistinguishable random bits. Original sending node is hidden behind multiple relays.

Common misconception: cutting through transaction to eliminate data is for privacy. Practically only small privacy boost (akin to "right to be forgotten"). But important for scalability (small chain size), 100% of profits go to the Grin Development Fund.
Got my MAGA shirt! Open-source, scalable OPEN . No scam#ICO. No pre-mine. No stableshit. Grass-roots, community-driven & funded. What
would design if s/he were to do @grinMW @TMGOX

Happy birthday ! First code drop was 2 years ago today. This toddler is almost ready for prime time. Donate to our security audit to help see it happen!

testnet 4 has just been released! For a curious developer, there's a lot to learn and no better time to get involved.

Starting the campaign to fund for a code security audit

Please consider it!

This isn't only about our financial autonomy, or protecting ourselves against the abuses of the current monetary systems. This is also about protecting our children and their children against future censorship and discrimination.

We have hundreds of years of history to learn from. Let's be proactive this time. I sincerely believe we have a chance to materially improve our and future freedom.

If you're looking at some new contributions and learning, are interested in Rust or curious about , we have a really good team and active project at

re: "There is nothing new, radical or interesting about a digital currency controlled by a single company or entity"
I should clarify that at least the "interesting" adjective only applies to me. Of course centralized projects can still provide some incremental benefit.

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Current OSS toolchain: Linux, Qubes, OpenSSH, vim, screen/tmux, bash, Firefox, Rust, Tor, OpenVPN. Some of these I've used for decades (obviously, some much more recent). A community-driven open source project can easily outlast your needs.

Reminder: while I love and, neither are official project accounts. Neither is this.

There is nothing new, radical or interesting about a digital currency controlled by a single company or entity. Those have existed for over 30 years. Beyond the cryptography, what's really important in , and a few others is the decentralization, censorship-resistance and diverse community support.


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