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It's impossible to fathom just how much this man will be missed by the world.

Ended up with for , and have now set up a SPA112 ATA and found appropriate settings to make faxing more reliable. Also some settings on the printer (which is also a ) which supposedly help. Did some initial tests and were able to send ok, will try tomorrow and see if we can receive with the changes made...

Also, 2talk’s web interface and control once you have an account seems great. Just their initial website sucks for info.

Looking at lines for wife’s business. One voice, and one for T.38 fax.

And wow, providers websites are bloody rubbish and/or vague.

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Great blog post on Slack's "bait and switch".

"The reason email is federated, is because it was developed before surveillance capitalism was a thing and because it was established and entrenched long before these companies came around.

There's a reason why your email address is still the de facto way to sign up for any service on the web (sometimes with one or two degrees of separation), and it's because of federation."

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"SSH Mastery, 2nd ed" in <drum roll> HARDCOVER. With a dust jacket and everything.

Comes with Extra Rat.

Will review tonight, and hopefully distribute. #ssh2e

So what did you do today?
I rebuilt an ARB diff locker. It had a broken spider shaft and worn shims. I’ll set it up in the housing with correct backlash tomorrow evening.

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Slack people are closing down their XMPP and IRC gateways. The embrace period is over, now moving over to extinguish.

They're so intent on owning your user experience that you can't even read the announcement without signing in.

I have a Slack account, so here's the lede:

> Saying goodbye to Slack’s IRC and XMPP gateways

> As Slack has evolved over the years, we’ve built features and capabilities — like Shared Channels, Threads, and emoji reactions (to name a few) — that the IRC and XMPP gateways aren’t able to handle. Our priority is to provide a secure and high-quality experience across all platforms, and so the time has come to close the gateways.

Then it goes on about their great screen reader support, and how their Real Time Message and Events APIs can be used instead of writing IRC bots.


gwolf also links to (front page links to a PDF with the actual content), which analyzes the phenomenon of free software projects organizing using centralized, non-free communication tools.
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I've just installed an #RSS reader, because I find it a bit awkward to use my browser for it. I want to get back to reading more blogs!
make #blogs a thing again! yay :)

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A form of toot search has been requested since April 2017, multiple times:

I have announced that am going to implement it with constraints that won't let it be used for abuse on Dec 20 2017, then again on Dec 31:

During implementation I seeked feedback #onhere, submitted PR on Feb 3 2018:

Then announced it in a progress report on Feb 21:

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Can you help me out? Are they any free tools to make a basic low detail Web comic? I looked at pixton but I think it's too detailed to be really funny with the concept I made. I'm more into stickfigures or the like. Any suggestions?
#webcomic #comics 💭

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Are you based in #London (or willing to relocate)?

It turns out the company I work for is aggressively #hiring software testers to fill our #QA ranks.

Get in touch for details!

(or boost, of you're so inclined) 🚀

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I just found out there’s an “N” version when installing Windows 10. So that’s nice.

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Over time, my BBS is starting to look a little better. Still not sure how much I love Syncronet but for now it will do!

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Select all squares that match the label Sarah Connor.

(This meme has become more sinister since it has been revealed that Google is quietly providing AI technology to drone strike targeting programs.)

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In further proof that we live in a cyberpunk future already, 113 GWh of electricity have "gone missing" in Kosovo/Serbia, and as a result all the wall clocks in continental Europe are six minutes behind.

via #mefi

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"They're not taking our information we're giving it to them. We're giving it to them and they're using it against us. It's not just me, it'll be you too, it'll be all of us. This is real." - Philbert Noyce.

#FOSS @OpenSource #Psychology #surveillancecapitalism #Spying #Data #philipkdick

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