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Linux podcast recommendations. GO....

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"Bosch has decided to base their automated driving software on Eclipse, which allows us to infer some important facts: This software will never finish loading, much less begin to work. Your car will have the toolbar installed on every update. Very soon, nobody will ever hear of OpenADx ever again, but not before it makes the news for causing massive freeway-blocking traffic fatalities because someone's car crossed a time zone."

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I've decided I want a country song called "Console Cowboy" about tractor hackers.

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I have an #owncloud instance running and need to move to an new (physical) server with better hardware.

I also want to migrate from #owncloud to #nextcloud when changing the server.

I would prefer *not* to do a migration process on the *old* server to have a fall-back version promptly available if something goes really wrong.

What is the best way to do it? Any suggestions?

Btw: running #owncloud 9.1.6 stable.

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But just then a bro wandered past and chuckled, "Ha ha, nothing's unbreakable! Some clever hacker will root it eventually!"

Which was even worse.

He could have backed me up and said "the right to repair and tinker is important,"
but instead he undermined me,
giving this dude a pass for tivoizing as hard as he could,
happily accepting corporate control as a matter of course,
because hackers are ✨magic✨.

Just because a lot of stuff has been hacked doesn't mean it's easy, or inevitable.

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so why are you using linux?

well i have a dual boot with windows on it and one day i realized i hadn't logged into windows for two months and well i needed to use my computer and couldn't afford the down time, so i just kept logging into linux

how long has it been since you last saw the windows side of the dual boot?

well now, it's been two years and i dread to think how long that update would be

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Passed a booth at PyCon for the AstroHaus Freewrite, a Kickstarter-backed "distraction-free writing tool" combining a small e-ink screen with a mechanical keyboard in a fixed plastic shell for a whopping $550.

I inquired about the firmware.

"Actually it runs Debian!" said the dude.

"Oh! So I could install ssh and..."

"No," he said incredulously, "we're not going to give people root!"

TFW name-dropping one of the most freedom-focused OSes to sell a device that restricts those same freedoms.

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^^^ this is what Freifunk could have been if it hadn't been hijacked by the "you can connect to the Internet for free" mindset.

I am glad Mazi exists, and will definitely run a few nodes.

Faith in humanity restored.

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In case any of you missed this gem making the rounds the past few days:

"Allow me to explain Why Mental Illnesses Can Make People So Tired.

Chances are, if you know someone with a mental disorder or disability, you might have asked them or thought, “Why are you tired?”"

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Drove 3 hours last night, away for one night/day. Arrive at motel and... realise our bag of clothes etc are at home still. Currently shopping for something to wear.

Ugh. 🙄

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An exciting race to the bottom in the world of social media, where several contestants are opting to just set their horses on fire

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my parents have this old version of monopoly from the dotcom boom that's themed with web 2.0 startups and it's always fun to play it once every few years and count the number of companies which still exist

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@Shotagonist You send me a DM with a mailing address and I send you a photo/card combo via 'snail mail'.

I'm hoping to send out 28 photo/card combos for

(I'm counting Masto -> Letter as 'international' 😉 )

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Who's a super fab amazing admin that might appreciate a card for ?

I am hoping to send out 28 photo/card combos and our humble admins deserve some love.

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@KemoNine Writing my eighth letter for #InCoWriMo right now! If you 'star' this, you agree to honour my request of a photo of a favourite place near you to watch a sunrise or sunset, or of a favourite animal. I'll DM my address then. Thanks for participating in #InCoWriMo!

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Naturally you'd supply your instance (e.g. https://[federated.instance]/settings/export) to arrive at the #dataexport page. #Mastodon101

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If your #Mastodon instance is wobbly, prone to outages after upgrades for example, make a backup account on a stable instance or two and export your data to transfer to that new account.

#Mastodon101 #TheMoreYouKnow