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Of course, identifying exactly what each table does is harder.
Change something, flash, log and see what changed. Should be able to find some identifiers on forums to get some sorted though.

Successfully read the rom from my (wife’s) car’s ecu, and I actually started locating tuning tables in it this evening.

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I just realised I needed a small washer to put on the thumbscrew of a lighting fixture I'm taking out to a show tonight.

I looked down and found one exactly the right size on the floor, that I've never seen before.

We are living in a #simulation and someone knows the cheat codes. There's no other explanation.

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Wow, I went to re-download Stardew Valley from GOG and the default download now includes GOG's Steam-esque client (an extra 100 MB!) You have to click "more", then click "classic installers" to get the game by itself. Luckily I noticed before I tried to install it, but still, incredibly uncool of them.

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@nolan @Xkeeper man the comics forum I used to hang out on moved to Facebook and it’s just not the same at all any more. Lost in the algorithm.

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Gnu Social

Isn't it amazing?

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google, calendars Show more

So what mastodon client do iPeeps use?

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@dpreacher @mike I would like to counter your post with following post from yours truly, also written on MaleUseOf. 😁

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I was going to read this, but I was too busy playing games on my headache free Linux box.

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2001: Ha ha Linux could even run on a toaster! j/k
2011: Wow this toaster actually runs Linux. It’s not a joke anymore.
2021: Please pay the ransomware to receive your toast.

If there was an equivalent then I’d have that. But nooooo, you must be able to shade from the sun under all new phones!
So SE it is. Actually fits in my pocket.

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"You have too much time on your hands" is one of the worst possible sentences to utter

It demeans quest for happiness, arguably the only reason for sentience. The person who says it has given up experiencing joy for its own sake, to have pleasure in activities beyond productivity

A person who judges another's use of free time so callously is already dead inside

ooooh so turns out the rom dump I was trying to pull from my ECU -did- work fine, it's an eeprom separate to the main... flash? So yeah. When my other cable turns up I'll try and get the main bin(rom, hex, I guess?) downloaded.

I think I'm going to find out how much another ECU is so I can clone mine into it to modify the tune on, leaving the original one alone in case I brick the modified one or something stupid. Hmmm.