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Saw someone on the /r/vinyl subreddit suggest that a person who didn't have any problems with their cheap record player actually WAS having problems, they just didn't know it because they weren't listening right

Which sums up both Reddit and audiophiles in a neat little package

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I often get comments about the type of hat I wear lol.

It seems that the "sheeple"/"normies" miss the lessons of history about the exploitation and abuse of consensus data not necessarily by the current seat of power but by one that follows.

I think it is a given that our current communal reliance on data hungry private organisations that offer access to faux social advertising platforms will be taken advantage of in a similar manor.

The issue has evolved beyond that of just privacy to somthing much bigger, the normalisation of surveillance capatilsm and the vilification of non dependency
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So mentioning DOOM 1 VS webpage sizes reminded that up until not that long ago all of my software had to fit under 16MB (megabytes!) of RAM and didn't have much trouble at that.

We could fit a fully functional app in a couple of kilobytes (!!) on PalmOS but Android apps take dozens of megabytes like it's nothing.

I get that bigger resolutions means bigger art assets (unless you use vector art and you probably should) but with the exception of games and media.. why the heck is everything so heavy now days?

Finally getting to sit down and watch Wellington Paranormal.
Highly recommend!

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I'm trying to place a story about a government-ordered internet slowdown in Dhaka, and have access to a student protester on the ground, so I'm looking for places to pitch that I haven't contacted already. If you know a site/editor that does international human rights coverage with a tech angle, please let me know and I'll pitch them if I haven't already!

oh I love my employers, "oh I don't mind being found on google or whatever, I have nothing to hide".

Completely missing the point. Various groups have had nothing to hide until some despot decided they should be eradicated..

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@knippy @sajith Just to plug myself, I wrote a book on how I learned to find and identify birds, which University of Michigan Press published in 2016. It's called FEATHER BRAINED and, like my other three books, it's intended to be funny (but also informative in a sneaky, low-key way).

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Of course it didn't suffer a DDoS. That was an excuse to ignore public opinion while they dismantled Net Neutrality.

Engadget: FCC admits its comment system never suffered DDoS attack.

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Yet another reason to get away from Facebook as quickly as you can. I absolutely do not consent to Facebook having my transaction data.

"Facebook asks U.S. banks for financial info to boost user engagement: WSJ | Reuters"

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>year is 2020
> you run on a raspberry pi in your living-room pleroma 4.8.1 you installed with @yunohost , no command line knowledge needed.
>pleroma is swiss knife of the fediverse, 9 different FE, still running on a Rpi.
>You shitpost using PleromaFE
>You write using PlumeFE
>You vlog using PtubeFE and community driven node helping you with bandwidth.
>You share short video/pics using PFedFE.
>You listen to music using FunkwhaleFE.
>You use ONE account.Keeping your subscribers.

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All the #distributed, #federated #webapps in the world don't matter if they're prohibitively hard for people to run (ie #selfhost!).

That's how most of the world's #email ended up owned by #Google and #Microsoft.

So it's almost criminal that the leading #FOSS #selfhosting platform @yunohost is only getting €9.63 a week from their #Liberapay.

We can do better! Let's make it easy for everyone to host #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Wordpress, #Pixelfed etc!

Go, #Fediverse! Go!

Nigel boosted is officially my favourite website ever. I've got a solid Google Map going of over 20 (4+ star rating) free campsite coordinates across Canada for my roadtrip next week.

Some of these are in gorgeous locations, nearby other campgrounds that charge somewhere in the range of $60 for an almost equivalent experience

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You may have noticed me doing research about the technology stacks being used by #ActivityPub apps, this is because I'm involved in a couple federated projects (both of which are new use cases, and extending the #ActivityStreams format).

One of those (current dayjob) is #MoodleNet (for educators to curate educational resources together), and we now decided to use #Elixir for the back-end, which I explain in detail here:

I'm open for feedback & collaboration requests!

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How Tech Billionaires Hack Their Taxes With a Philanthropic Loophole - The New York Times -

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@paul yeah the CDN market is big business with excellent margins due to economies of scale, and CF is one of the two biggest standalone CDNs (Fastly is the other one). They are *not* hurting for cashflow. I was a Fastly customer at a previous gig and they were lots cheaper and better than us doing the same thing in-house.

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So I started out in with my friend when was experimenting with alpha versions of the Im so glad andy was looking for a OS which enabled the mode of his '386 cpu since my was running circles around him, when he played in realmode as a single tasker. I was using at the time to play#amigaModules I love❤🎶 how times have changed for the better. Every device that looks at the intenet now has linux!

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New experiment starting today - getting rid of my smartphone for at least a month. That will probably mean I'm on here less, but I am going to write about it.

Really not sure how this is gonna go, but I think it's gonna be A LOT harder than ditching Google.

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