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OK, so #tootdon communicates with this server:

This server is hosted in the USA(!!!)

There are several endpoints: /api/v1/instances gives a paginated list of instances, and seems to be the *only* one that doesn't require authentication.

There's also /api/v1/statuses and /api/v1/users. Not sure how authentication to this API works yet...

By the way, it also appears to be tied with this company:

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This is a bit depressing.

This underlying problem needs to become a priority. Either pressuring #github to go free software or getting free software to go elsewhere.

Github becoming synonymous with open source just muddies free software waters more.

Free Software needs free tools.

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@nepfag @maiyannah @karo @dolus
--ast month I reached the painful conclusion that I can no longer be associated with the OAuth 2.0 standard. I resigned my role as lead author and editor, withdraw my name from the specification--

Also this to go inside the house end yet. Ugh, have to crawl under the house now 😟

@cobra2 PDL/Schneider brand, they’re pretty good (you’d hope so for the price).
This is a temp install in wife’s office we’re setting up in a portable cabin, otherwise it’d be in a wall jack.

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@mike In case you're interested, my personal site with Pico is now pulling from a GitHub repo. The RSS feed is also generating correctly, parsing JSON from the Github API into an XML doc.

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@PeteMoss hmm. Sounds like I’d enjoy doing the project but tricky usually means time-sink, and wife’s list of jobs isn’t getting any shorter 🤔

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@ignitionigel I hate crawling under my house ugh. Not looking forward to this. :blobeyes:

@xyzzy @cassolotl some of us must do when we wear black....
It looks like they learned how to smile for the camera 📷

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Question for those who use WhatsApp: why not Signal? It's the same encryption, but much more likely that Facebook hasn't hacked it so they can read your messages.

@PeteMoss wait what are you doing? I’m looking at something to upgrade my HRV system with heat transfer and their pricing is bullshit.

Guess I should sort out this mess today. Also need to crawl under my house to run Ethernet.

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Anyone know of a foss alternative to Android Auto? I dream of one day being able to use OSM on-screen while flipping through Spotify.