I’m migrating to @rtwx in order to keep user handles consistent across instances. So anyone getting a follow from that account is me. 🙂

@fitheach my wife is setting up a property legal business (Conveyancing firm). Legal practices use fax still, it’s in law here in NZ that if a fax sent it’s classed as received whereas email is not.

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Wow. Good job . No, seriously, good job! **slow clap**


Many on here make themselves out to be accepting and open to new people. Yet Wil Wheaton gets so much abuse, he was forced off the platform.

Like I said, great work folks. ☹️

Only the latest technology here! 😁

Need this to test wife’s office fax over voip T.38 line to her fax/printer. The ATA settings are doing my head in. We’ll hook this to our physical line to test. Hopefully.

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Before today, I knew: the reason Twitter was originally limited to 140 characters was so it could be transmitted over SMS (which was limited to 1120 bits, or 160 7-bit characters).

TIL: the reason SMS is limited to 160 7-bit characters is because Friedhelm Hillebrand, who was the chairman of the non-voice services committee within the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), found that a) the average sentence was <160 characters, and b) that matched the average postcard.

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Privacy and Self-incrimination 

Remember folks: You must provide your password to authorities in the U.K. if told to. Failing to provide your password to authorities will get you convicted of a crime.


#privacy #SelfIncrimination #tyranny

@RyuKurisu manual work? Unbelievably rewarding. I don't know I could handle a desk job - though I guess I'd have different hobbies than gaming if I sat at a screen all day.

@beadsland @starbreaker@octodon.social oooh I need to see if my local library has this 🙂

@sproid yeah I had to look it up too. Freaking ridiculous.

@bradfonseca @publicvoit yeah it’s easy to jump on another instance and check out the issue

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@sproid also 2. Just abuse the other person instead and claim they’re sealioning. (Also what a stupid word for it).

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Sucks when you go through all that effort to blame someone else and then you email all those plans to a journalist accidentally.

"That Time Telco Lobbyists Sent Me All Their Talking Points About Trying To Shift The Blame To Internet Companies | Techdirt"


@codesections if you have 2factor then who cares, I guess? And you’ve changed it. Someone has my steam password because I keep getting 2Factor emails. I really should change that 🤔

@grim210 I actually wonder if I should put criteria somewhere hmmm.

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