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Guess I should sort out this mess today. Also need to crawl under my house to run Ethernet.

downloading at tonight.
Trying to fine tune the carbs on using individual EGT’s and overall Lambda(AFR).
Unfortunately other issues prevented more data collection but hopefully what we have is useful.

It turns out that the undissolved coffee floating in my ☕️ cup was in fact a spider. 🕷
I’m really glad I tried to squish the coffee granule to break it up now. 😳

to racing! Helping out friends at this weekend 🙂

is a great idea. I didn’t get a chance to post the card from @kemonine when it arrived, but here it is. With bonus ! Very cool to receive actual analogue mail, and awesome pics to boot. 😀

Hmm. Might put some lowered springs and shocks in my Golf today.

Everyone talking about 59, and I'm here like, uhhhh...

So what did you do today?
I rebuilt an ARB diff locker. It had a broken spider shaft and worn shims. I’ll set it up in the housing with correct backlash tomorrow evening.

Disagreeing with people on the Internet

Sounds like my wife is having a fun day... I may share the convo as shes sending it to me lol

Updating Ubuntu on Windows to 16.04 heh. Could’ve just waited for 18.04 I guess.

Soooo... I tried Amaroq again. Glitches, and the ui doesn’t feel right for me, so back to Tootdon it is.
I really want Mastalab 😫

Successfully read the rom from my (wife’s) car’s ecu, and I actually started locating tuning tables in it this evening.

Time to rewatch my favourite movie of all time!