Only the latest technology here! 😁

Need this to test wife’s office fax over voip T.38 line to her fax/printer. The ATA settings are doing my head in. We’ll hook this to our physical line to test. Hopefully.

Next tests: Mini Wifi routers. Turns out one is a bridge only, so I’m glad I ordered 2. The white one works perfectly, it’ll be used for connecting to a 14point7 iDash datalogger in a speedway car, which we use to monitor O2, 4x EGT, RPM and TPS. Carbureted on methanol. I’ll share more once the speedway seasons gets underway here, but some previous logs can be seen here:

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The first bit: SSD USB housing. Makes the old SSD from my laptop actually useful.

Nuked all the old windows stuff with gparted but made it ntfs as no doubt it’ll be going into windows machines at some point.

Tempted to leave in my Pi for nextcloud usage or something though 🤔

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I did a bit of a write up on setting up Guild Wars 2 on (K)ubuntu with Lutris.

You can also now follow that account on the fediverse (you know, here): @rtwx

Hmmm. I do still have a fair amount of to work through...

Yes they’re stacked 2 deep. There’s more in boxes. Our current house doesn’t have space for a, umm, library 😶

My power company sucks balls. Because you know, Facebook and Google totally verify who I am... it’s not exactly difficult to create a spoof account.

This also limits my wife and I logging into the same power account possibly? I haven’t tried, I refuse to use a social login.

Also included another review here along similar lines.

Oh, and we have a smart meter and they still send around a meter reader every month. Wtf.

libinput was kicking my ass, but now my touchpad works with natural scrolling and tap to click yay 🥂

Turns out it's freaking easy to configure: add a .conf file for the touchpad at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d with the few options needed.

Forklift LPG regulator freezing up, it turns out due to the coolant lines (which heat it and prevent it freezing up) not flowing. Traced to this, very glad to find it after ripping a bunch of stuff apart trying to trace the fault.

mmm.... I did a thing.

Trying out :ubuntu: because well, why not. I've never used it before, and it seems to work just fine.

Now, to see what I'll use for ...

WTF. I'm telling you to use ignition advance and not the PWM output you POS software! 😠

Might try and older version. 😞

oh nice, DietPi includes doing a backup in the updater now. Excellent.

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