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Nigel Swan

A car materialised on Trademe that looks tidy and in our budget... so we're going for a drive! 🚗
It's for SWMBO, but I've always wanted a 5 cylinder...

Garden shed. (DIY floor) Show more

I was just looking up some info on Bock nibs, as I'm thinking of getting an EF for my Karas Kustoms Ink; I found this interesting article about the nib manufacturer they use.

Oooh, I thought he said varuca.
This makes more sense for me to work on.

The finished trigger setup.
The 36-1 wheel was cut out for me by a local .

Made a crank trigger mount. Took a couple of hours, isn't as nice as I'd like but reminds me I shouldn't say I'll do stuff sometimes...
Came out ok considering.

Need to make this crank sensor mount instead of ...

I built a thing! Errr I mean, assembled a thing...
This is only half our . Yes they are 2 deep.

I also still need to find a home on a wall for .

Grizzle, I guess I should be grateful... Show more

should have no excuse to not be up to date, I run Nightly, and have just been updated to 59... which means previously, any addon devs should have been running a newer version to make sure their addons were compatible.

BTW this is speedy and stable - but fewer addons are compatible in my experience.

shortcuts on the wallpaper while Iearn...
in heh. 👀

The nice lady painting on my face was quite excited. Apparently I have to go to work like this tomorrow.

Some photos of the demi-human's father's Midget, whom we watched race last night. Only had my phone, so no good pics of racing.

At a school gala day with the demi-humans.
I now have a glue and glitter Swan on my face.

Went to Poppies Bookshop yesterday, here in New Plymouth, NZ. I think its my new favourite shop.

Tootdon is buggy as hell, had to revert to Mastalab to post this. Sigh 😞

videos and 🍮
My favourite way to start a Saturday. 😋

Yay finally installed.

Not sure I like it. 😐

Now to do it's alternative in dualboot...