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Nigel @ignitionigel

Hmm. I need a tool/app to blur names in screenshots. Suggestions?

@ignitionigel Load it into your computer and use Gimp. Maybe

@ignitionigel com.simplemobiletools.draw from f-droid. i used it when sharing screenshots with online support of some brands on Twitter without needing to go into dm and all.

I use Pixlr on Android to edit pictures. It's possibly a bit bloated for your needs, but it allows you to blur the entire image or select which areas are effected by the overlay. It could blur names easily but if that's all you want to do it might have too many features. It's pretty good though.

It's probably not on f-droid though, if that's important to you.

@ignitionigel Gimp will do it. I think it's effects > pixelize. I'm pretty sure the Shutter screenshot tool has that feature too.