So I’m going on holiday in November, and am thinking I’ll nuke my netbook drive and take it with me to transfer photos to and holiday documents/brochures. It’s pretty old, currently has Ubuntu with i3 on it but want it a bit more usable for the wife if she needs to look something up. Suggestions for light DE? Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint?
I’m not going down the Arch route this time 😊

@ignitionigel Mint wins for me as far as usability..I run Manjaro Cinnamon just to have a higher level of geek

@ignitionigel came here to say, anything with Cinnamon or MATE.


Arch would be the correct way to go, however..

How about using what you have on there now but install and configure one of either

Eqinox DE

All are light, and not that difficult to use

@jason Hmmm. Could be a good option, some things for me to look at thank you!

@ignitionigel @jason I ran on my old laptop until it forked, then I installed . Lightweight and well-featured.

I'd have that on my new laptop, but the kernel yin can't handle the shiny new hardware on my laptop, (and I'm disinclined to hack about too much when 18.04 runs just fine)

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