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If scientists found a way to communicate with alternate universes, that’s really just a security vulnerability in the universe
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i didn't know wine had versions i only knew it aged but not that it had an actual versioning

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Did a web app pentest.

Was debriefing a client when the developer responded, “After your attack the server came back online automatically. It was only down for 1 hour..”

“Only” and “One Hour”... Do. Not. Belong.... in the same sentence as each other when we’re discussing downtime after a Denial of Service attack resulting from a Form Flood produced by a malnourished Virtual Machine on a single laptop!!!!!!

::breathes heavily::
::types hashtags::

#infosec #hacking #DoS #developers

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So, if I have a new computator does that mean I have to start over on #scuttlebutt with a new profile, or can I carry it over somehow?

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Anyone ever use other decentralized/open-source social medias? GNU-Social/diaspora*/Friendica/etc, what was/is your experience compared to Mastodon?

oh good, admin must have sorted out whatever issue they had yesterday.

Does have text shortcuts for navigating and stuff? 🤔

so.... is pretty awesome!

So is being able to paste a screengrab straight into masotodon. 😀

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I need a #FOSS mobile OS for plausible deniability from relatives asking me to remove bloatware from their devices.

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Parrot Project - Parrot Security OS
Most security folks know about Kali Linux, but there are quite a few alternative security-focused Linux distributions out there.

Parrot is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian and focused on Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Programming and Privacy protection.

You can download different spins (including an ARM version that can run on the RPi) and try it out for yourself.

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Just compressed a PDF using Adobe Acrobat

108 MB uncompressed
241 MB compressed

What? How is it even possible?

#adobe #acrobat #properitary #garbage #pdf #conpression

thats ones nervous looking ginga

.... to remove my Windows.old folder.

Stupid stupidhead windows.

Finally had a chance to use “rm -rf *” 😳

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Helping my brother change cam belt on his runabout this morning. Water pump, fuel filter, valve clearances also getting some love

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This startup designed, developed and built a 35kw/h electric car covered in shatter-proof solar panels that can extend the car's range up to 30km*. The best part? The car costs only 16.000€ + battery rental (20.000€ if you want to buy the battery as well).