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When you love but don’t like The Algorithm 🤓

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hmmm, are you prepared to say that with your hand on top of a stack of interpretive dance quarterlies?

How to know someone does a lot of : they know the names of way too many rivers with unusual letter combinations (Aare, Yser,…)

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Self care is not a waste of time. Self care makes your use of time more sustainable. ~ Jackie Viramontez

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It's okay if you failed today. You can try again tomorrow.

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If distro hop was a music genre, what would it sound like?

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- lld
- ld
- link.exe
- bfd
- gold

Linked lists are bad? Ok how about a Linker List?

Today I really realized how many "alternative" services I use:

- instead of Firefox
- instead of gmail
- for search
- , , , and a bunch of other self-hosted applications for my data
- as my primary personal OS on my laptop

Here's to hoping one day I can use a mobile phone that's not Android or iOS as a daily driver! GrapheneOS is probably the most promising option that's out there right now imo

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Days when you have to debug string parsing in C are fun days...

I’m finally reaching a point in life where I feel comfortable not immediately responding to people immediately I receive a message. I don’t think other people are disrespectful when they don’t answer seconds after an email/message/etc., so I should give myself a break, too. It’s also because I’m at the point where it’s just not possible to do it all at once, and that’s okay.

One of my favorite things about where I live is that there's a clock tower nearby that chimes during the day. <3

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