Since you seemed to like the roof top pictures here are some later with sunset :)

As bubblicious as much of the #SPX is, and as abysmal as dividend yields are, I find it interesting that we are near a historic high in the relationship between #dividends and #bonds rather interesting. (Sorry for the inconsistent use of red lines to denote zero and current value.)

Mastodon n00b question here: is it acceptable/normal to have profiles on multiple Mastodon instances? I gather that half the point is the "local" timeline feel, but at the same time I occasionally may post things that "fit" better within, say, FinTodon (we need a new name for FinTwit lol).

Is it "normal" to create accounts on multiple instances based on interests? Or is it cool if I occasionally start tooting about my other random interests (within the Code of Conduct, of course) πŸ˜†

Day 2 of being here and my favorite thing is still that this is called a toot.

Basket of 50 S&P 500 members w/shakiest balance sheets beating benchmark of large caps for 4th straight month, longest outperformance streak since 2016. In small caps, companies w/no earnings have outpaced profitable peers since November.

For anyone new to , this sort of volatility is quite normal ;) Same thing goes for gold and real estate. The difference is that you are able to check your portfolio value live every second of the day. Zoom out for a bit and chill. Obviously not investment advice; do your own homework; 60%+ drawdowns basically guaranteed, so size accordingly.

@wholesomedonut ooh I see you're a fellow Rustacean! Who else should I follow on here? ;)

Hey all, new Mastodon user here. Checking it out as it I'm a huge fan of decentralized stuff in general. I've been involved in FOSS on and off for ~15 years now, and spend most of my days writing Python, Rust, or Swift. Cheers!


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