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Super stoked to get Wails v2 into nixpkgs!

=> github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/

It'll take a little while for wails to make its way through the build and test infrastructure and hit the unstable channel, and then eventually the next stable release, but it's on its way!

Snippet Pixie: Next - Switch golang date format based on user's locale | Always Developing #139

Wraps up placeholder expansion work for the Snippet Pixie rewrite. It was an interesting challenge to get localized date formatting working in Go.


Somehow I've got 100 subscribers to my Always Developing YouTube channel. I have no idea why people watch me floundering around while trying to rewrite Snippet Pixie in Go.

=> youtu.be/SeoTV5POIXY

This evening, Always Developing session #100 was published! 🎉

Snippet Pixie: Next - Start implementing JSON export format | Always Developing #100 🎉


Playing with Wails app builder: Part 5 - Creating a snap | Always Developing #59


Playing with Wails app builder: Part 3 - A better Flatpak manifest for Wails | Always Developing #57


Playing with Wails app builder: Part 2 - Finishing Flatpak of app | Always Developing #56


This morning I had a crack at fixing a WordPress 5.8 defect ticket I submitted the day before.


Took a while, but I fixed the Flatpak build for Snippet Pixie.

This morning I showed how I fixed the Flatpak manifest file, and then improved it further for a much shorter build time.


Still lots to do before it's ready for the @elementary 6.0 AppCenter.

Kicked off a new round of Snippet Pixie development last night by making sure it still works as expected on @elementary OS 6.0 beta 2.

Passed with flying colours! 🎉️


It's an incredibly exciting day at Delicious Brains, where I work, but I've got the day off today! 🎉🤦‍♂️


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As some of you are aware, I contemplated switching to a static site yesterday. That thought has been slung from the window at a rapid rate. Here's my completely unqualified rant:


Thank you to everyone who took the time to send me their thoughts and suggestions.


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