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I have trouble building Serenityos on OpenBSD I get passed the rebuild-toolchain but the run-command fails with out of memory error. Maybe I have to change my /etc/login.conf to allow more memory to the staff group.

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The Brothers (Brödernas) worst website ever. Totally broken. The takeaway site is broked and has been since I don’t know when. Never tried a brother.

I got FreeBSD build and run SerenityOS. And my PR just got submitted to master so even you can try!

I'm trying to build SerenityOS on FreeBSD but the code is not optimized for FreeBSD as of yet.

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Hey Fedi.

I have a acquaintance interested in mastodon. Looking for an instance focused around outdoorsy stuff. Any recommendations?

#askfedi #askfediverse

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OpenBSD 7.0 is out! Congratulations to all #openbsd programmers out there on Mastodon!

Mac OS X 

@kev Oh and about the maximize windows thingie. I use an application called Magnet. Check it out!

Mac OS x 

@kev hey! I read your macosx transition post and I don't know if you still have frustrating parts, I just got a quick tip for the delete functionality that your missing, try hitting command+del for it to remove the files you have selected.

Anyone know why /dev/sd2 has to be almost 800MB in size?

My last endeavour with a failing root partition on OpenBSD. See how I did about it - see my last boost.

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Does anyone have a good approach to expand a root partition with softraid and encryption with no extra space left on device?

@tigase hey, Siskim keeps crashing. Tried the beta via TestFlight but version is buggy as well since my account won’t keep it self enabled. The box just setting the disable flag. Please provide advice!

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I’m not saying that sci-fi is a bad thing, but it does not make sense in Mr Mercedes.

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