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It appears it's hard to delete yourself from Anyone has an idea?

Libsignal-protocol-c is in #OpenBSD ports! All long journeys start with a single step, right?

The year 2019 is not the year for my hard drives. First my "big" 1TB drives crashes containing lots of data. And yesterday my drive containing /home crashes.

Just got my pinebook running netbsd with some tweaks and a wifi USB dongle since not yet support for the built-in.

Should Pixelfed support double tap to like?

There is an open PR, and I would like some feedback from the community before a decision is made!

To people with Pinebooks, what OS are you using and what do you use it for?

250+ VMs deployed
14 available

Book yours:

Disclaimer: @OpenBSDAms
sponsors this year, but I'd recommend it anyway.

@mischa provides the best service in true #OpenBSD spirit:

console access with vmctl(8) ⌨️
clean 6.5-release 🐡
fanatical support 🙏
donations to OpenBSD 😍
green data center 🌲

And there my vm on is upgraded to 6.5. Nicely done! #65

#OpenBSD 6.5 is now released!

It's been a great release, with all sorts of improvements everywhere.

Some of my favourites include ixl(4), unwind(8), and the cool stuff in the wireless stack and massive improvements to #OpenBGPD!

Have anyone tried Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre?

It's apparently a long-term support simplicity-focused distribution based on Arch Linux with OpenRC to support the Init Freedom Campaign.


#Hyperbola #GNU #Linux

@mischa hey! Happy Easter! Could you please restart my vm on server3. It's called 0x. Thanks in advance!

@ConnyDuck how should the new strings "@string/notification_" be translated?

@ConnyDuck the beta functionality in Google play doesn't work. I had to unsubscribe from the beta channel and uninstall the app to get version 6.0.

@ConnyDuck hey, should the string 'description_status' be translated?

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