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#OpenBSD 6.5 is getting close! Jump on -current with:

% vmctl console [id]

# ftp -ia{bsd.rd,SHA256.*}

# signify -Cp /etc/signify/ -x SHA256.sig bsd.rd

# cp bsd.rd /
# reboot

boot> bsd.rd

I've just donated $12 to Tusky. Consider donating too, every little helps!

If you like but don't have the money for it or dislike closed source there's Gweled.

Gweled is an open source clone of Bejeweled/Diamond Mine. It features a leveled mode, timed mode, endless mode, and hints.

While it doesn't have the more flashy jewels of later Bejeweled releases it is still a great timewaster.

Website :link: :

apt 📦 : gweled

server7 is racked, stacked and ready to roll. Counter is now set to 41 VMs available. 224 deployed.


Are people using Jami? Formerly called Ring.

@mischa noticed that you have keybase and was thinking, maybe create a team for users/customers on for discussions use-cases, tips and tricks. What do you think of this?

Okay so to be frank; I'm digging that @sir has launched a WHOLE set of projects to help developers have options outside of corporate control. It's a lean site and seemingly friendly to userscripts (which makes theming very comfortable)

Finally finished setting up the new backup server for 52 TB of ZFS goodness with daily automatic snapshots. Now fielidng real-time postgresql replication (which is suitable for use as a failover database as well), and taking hourly backups of, 2,500 miles from the primary datacenter.

I was *pretty* confident in my redundancy and backup setup before, but now I have no doubt that's data isn't going anywhere.

Worth a blog post on the subject?

"This release fixes several outstanding bugs in bash-4.4 and introduces several new **bugs**. The most significant bug fixes are an overhaul of how nameref variables resolve and a number of potential out-of-bounds memory errors discovered via fuzzing. There are a number of changes to the expansion of $@ and $* in various contexts where word splitting is not performed to conform to a Posix standard interpretation, and additional changes to resolve corner cases for Posix conformance. " - humor.

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