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Okay so to be frank; I'm digging that @sir has launched a WHOLE set of projects to help developers have options outside of corporate control. It's a lean site and seemingly friendly to userscripts (which makes theming very comfortable)

Finally finished setting up the new backup server for 52 TB of ZFS goodness with daily automatic snapshots. Now fielidng real-time postgresql replication (which is suitable for use as a failover database as well), and taking hourly backups of, 2,500 miles from the primary datacenter.

I was *pretty* confident in my redundancy and backup setup before, but now I have no doubt that's data isn't going anywhere.

Worth a blog post on the subject?

"This release fixes several outstanding bugs in bash-4.4 and introduces several new **bugs**. The most significant bug fixes are an overhaul of how nameref variables resolve and a number of potential out-of-bounds memory errors discovered via fuzzing. There are a number of changes to the expansion of $@ and $* in various contexts where word splitting is not performed to conform to a Posix standard interpretation, and additional changes to resolve corner cases for Posix conformance. " - humor.

Just ran wipefs on my previous openbsd install. Giving arch another go after streaming all of Luke Smiths videos. And now after the installation I am running from - excited!

@mvdwrd If you're not already following @romanzolotarev, he has a steady stream of OpenBSD tips, tricks, and you get to watch him spar with his system.

🎉 I'm at $72 per month on Patreon.
This and your one-time payments help me to run my sites.

⛳ My next goal is to cover basic admin costs
(banking, accounting, hosting, etc)

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░ $150

💕 Thank you so much for your support!

@hund I've been seeing Necunos going on sale. But wow so expensive.

Want to know which manual describes what you're looking for?
$ man -k any=ulimit

Want to open it right away?
Add `-a'.

Want to read a manual starting at your tag of interest?
$ man -O tag=ulimit ksh'

Want to find the right manual *and* jump ahaed?
$ man -O tag=ulimit -a -k .=ulimit

Want to avoid redundance but still do lookup, opening and scrolling in one go?
$ man -akOtag .=ulimit

This now works as (I) would expect thanks to Ingo's help:

#OpenBSD #man #mandoc

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@hund I would like to recommend that you check out cheap way to learn bsd 😉

Today I need to find a good patient case regarding dementia. Especially Alzhiemer's dementia.

@mischa Heya, I often get a temporary error on your email address.

@hund I am about to kill my xmpp accounts.

@kev @mike what version of Mastodon does run? Is there a way to see the servers version?

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