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Want to know which manual describes what you're looking for?
$ man -k any=ulimit

Want to open it right away?
Add `-a'.

Want to read a manual starting at your tag of interest?
$ man -O tag=ulimit ksh'

Want to find the right manual *and* jump ahaed?
$ man -O tag=ulimit -a -k .=ulimit

Want to avoid redundance but still do lookup, opening and scrolling in one go?
$ man -akOtag .=ulimit

This now works as (I) would expect thanks to Ingo's help:

#OpenBSD #man #mandoc

open web, please boost 

Interesting historical factoids 

@hund I would like to recommend that you check out cheap way to learn bsd 😉

Today I need to find a good patient case regarding dementia. Especially Alzhiemer's dementia.

@mischa Heya, I often get a temporary error on your email address.

@hund I am about to kill my xmpp accounts.

@kev @mike what version of Mastodon does run? Is there a way to see the servers version?

@ConnyDuck @charlag Hi, are Stringlate still a bit messy when translating Tusky?

@brejoc so you're working for suse. Is there any change since the buy?

I'm sorry all Germans but I don't speak it. It's cluttering up my timeline. I really want to learn though.

@pallgone One of the biggest problems these complaints about ReCaptcha have is that most of them are not constructive.

If you want someone to replace Google's captcha service from their web page, try to provide them an alternative that achieves (almost) the same without being a Google service.

Simply because from a technical and financial perspective most alternatives are either expensive or not efficient.

And expensive for most private web pages often means everything is not gratis.

Yessss! I am now a proud patron of Roman Zolotarev on @Patreon, and you should be too:

Going to upgrade an #OpenBSD system to 6.4?

Make sure to read

For instance, the syntax on httpd.conf changed. "root strip" is now "request strip". Since that gets used for acme-client, I'm sure *lots* of us would get caught by that change.

If I hadn't read the upgrade document, I would have run face first into that one.

@romanzolotarev time to update your website instructions for openbsd 6.4.

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