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@dansup you are truly amazing making pixelfed from nothing to what is becoming!

We will be releasing the first stable version on October 17th (6 months after the first announcement).

This will include circles, collections, federation, video uploads and more!

We can't wait. Thank you for your support! :pixelfed: #pixelfed

With the launch of the @write_as #Linux desktop app, we'll be looking to build off of it for a desktop app, too.

Any around? Is it possible for the owner to allow write access to one directory to one contributer?

@ConnyDuck do you update all strings.xml when new strings are added?

Hey world! I just supported Fosstodon on @Patreon, and you can too! Internet high-five?

@mike @kev @codesections @joseph do you want me to go ahead and register a channel for your instance on freenode?

Maybe I should try to check my own spelling before sending.. note-to-self.

Recently I started installing neovim Show more

The #Linux app is out now! :linux:

Version 1.0 has the basics:

* Simple editor
* Auto-saving single draft
* Choose between three fonts (serif, sans-serif, monospace)
* Dark mode (on platforms that support it)
* Save draft as another file
* Publish anonymously to :writeas: and manage posts via the CLI

Download / install it here:

Get the code here:

Read more: @blog

#WriteAs #DesktopApp #FOSS #FLOSS

@ChrisWere I listened to your Twitter episode. I myself is in the same thinking now. I ditched facebook a couple of months ago. And then I went to remove my reddit account. And now I am thinking about twitter. The only thing I use is the lists. Following local news and politicians.

What is your favorite Mastodon app for Android?

When I not working at the I spend time with my family, two little boys and a wife needs attention :-).

In most of my non-existent free time, I spend it on my nerdie needs. I have a big passion for and technology and with an enthusiastic interest in GNU/Linux, . Paranoid by nature.


Okey, might be time for my . Just realized that I never made an introduction earlier, I have moved around a bit in the fediverse before I settled here.

Anyway, my name is Isak, a 30+-something guy, my day job is as a nurse, , , at one of the biggest Emergency Care Units (ECU) in northern . I am a registered nurse and certified TNCC. We take care of the most/severe traumas in the capitol area.

Part 1/2.

Wow, this is pretty cool. Going from 0 followers to 16 in just a couple of hours. Amazing people in the .

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