@dsvdv @joacim @hund @selea @johan jag har köpt många jeans på HM som håller max 2 år. Sen gick jag vidare till Levis och denna jeans håller minst 8-9 år utan problem. De jag har på mig nu köpte jag 2009. Det är rekord.

You naughty , we asked you to take down the words "Open Source" from your website since you are NOT

You did.

It seems those words have somehow found their way back on the website.

Time to raise awareness again and try to make Cyph understand. If the fedizens would like to join the effort and leave a little comment on the issue, that'd be awesome!

Boost appreciated


People of Alpine Linux, how do you run it as a daily driver? Workable, possible?

@hund btw to bad you didn't asked me a couple of months ago. I had two x220, kept one and sold the other. Though with us keyboard.

@hund I voted ThinkPad as well. And of course used and maybe refurbished. There are a lot of good deals from example Tradera. I would look there first if I where in the need a new one. Got two from there. X220 and T450. Both are great.

@hund well yeah I guess so. Tried using a cert from another machine?

@hund i got it working on OpenBSD. I use --no-tls-verify though.

@hund sure, when I get home. Have you tried it on Linux as well?

@hund i see that you have added freebsd on your profile. That's great to see. How do you BSD? 🙃

I have a hard time getting back to systemd when I was getting used and amused by runit. Maybe should convert my desktop computer to runit as well.

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