Finally OVPN has released their Wireguard-beta. This will be awesome. Works great already.

Is there any developers or user that are interested in a team?

@kungtotte Det låter smidigt. Ibland är vår "inbyggda" GPS i ambulansen aningeno off och då blir lätt att Google Maps åker fram, men ska absolut testa Tack! @hund

@hund idag är det bara Google Maps jag kan förlita mig på när jag är ute och kör.

@hund jag fattar det. Tyvärr slår Google Maps alla konkurrenterna.

@joseph yeah it's a tiny bit pricey. But I have been using Fastmail for years and I really like it. But I got Zoho as well, it's affordable and reliable.

@redragdolly det finns en hel del svenskar. Ser att du fått flera svar!

The plan for the next week is to erase the emmc in the pinebook and replace it with either openbsd or netbsd depending on support.

@ConnyDuck yeah, the change logs. What is updated in what versions etcetera.

@ConnyDuck swedish strings are updated. The project called Tusky-app got strings that can't be saved because of length.

@fatboy even I remember it. As I recall we loan the movie at the local rental store here in Sweden.

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