I deleted my account on pixelfed.social and pixelfed.se as well. I just couldn't help myself.

Telegram basics 

A #vulnerability in #sudo lets #Linux users run commands as root even when they're restricted (CVE-2019-14287).
Image credit: The Hacker News
Article: thehackernews.com/2019/10/linu

I just removed my 19 years old Instagram account. Feels refreshing.

@funnylookinhat I subscribed for 6 months. But haven't played that much. I have a family as well. Three kids and a wife demands time 😂

@goldbrush you haven't used it since 2006? You should really try it in a vm or on real hardware if you are able to. Vms do not make it justice. @hund

@maxigaz yeah, I can imagine that. Not using KDE has been (earlier) for a smoother experience. But I have never had a bad experience with it.

I've been playing newly released wow classic for a couple of weeks flawlessly on Manjaro. Some have been saying that KDE is not that great serving games but I have had nothing but great performance.

@hund are you using hetzner? If so how does it perform?

@kev and today is my birthday. A bit older than you 🎈🎉 but just a tiny bit.

@rob I meant that I live on the island, not love 😂

@rob ouch, that's bad. I think the temporary library is in the Stadshus (city council). Try that. I love on the island.

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