@poetgrant I use standard notes because it sync between my phone and my desktop and even in web. It's encrypted and I love dude behind it for making it 😉

@matt exchange the keys? is that an option? I'm no keyboard cowboy such as @hund

@claudiom same here for me. I use both sevices. I like them both. Been using PM since more features and filters/rules @Tutanota @RyuKurisu

@ConnyDuck how should the new strings "@string/notification_" be translated?

@ConnyDuck heard about this from anyone else? Or is it just me? 🤔

@ConnyDuck the beta functionality in Google play doesn't work. I had to unsubscribe from the beta channel and uninstall the app to get version 6.0.

@ConnyDuck hey, should the string 'description_status' be translated?

@Tutanota hey! Is there a way to import emails from another provider into Tutanota automatically?

@doxhund thanks! It appears mailbox has some office suite?

@kev yeah, no I totally understand. It's a bit steep for a couple of users. But perfect for myself.

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