@hund you are the only one I talk to. And we can always talk here 😉

@hund I am about to kill my xmpp accounts.

@kungtotte yeah of course. But I think I just wanted to try it out. I really like it as a server. And thank god for runit.

@kungtotte Oh, I see. I haven't tried it much. Recently spinned up a vps on vultr. Would really love to try it on my desktop. But should the hassle with libressl be something bumming me out?

@kev @mike what version of Mastodon does fosstodon.org run? Is there a way to see the servers version?

@ConnyDuck is that something that only exists on your instance?

@ConnyDuck @charlag alright, that's to bad. Since its a great app otherwise.

@ConnyDuck @charlag Hi, are Stringlate still a bit messy when translating Tusky?

@ConnyDuck It's done. Swedish translation for the new strings. Better late than never 😉😁👍

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