@kev and today is my birthday. A bit older than you 🎈🎉 but just a tiny bit.

@rob I meant that I live on the island, not love 😂

@rob ouch, that's bad. I think the temporary library is in the Stadshus (city council). Try that. I love on the island.

@rob I could really recommend visiting the island of Lidingö. Real nature and city on an island. @ohyran

It's amazing that Tool is now trying out streaming services.. Finally I can listen without the fuzz. and their next album is coming soon.

@rob @ohyran I'm sorry I have no idea where to get in Norrköping. Been there a couple of times but never looked for books. Did you find it? Maybe ask at the local library or bookstore?

@feynman @ohyran indeed. The worst part is that the 'general' folks have no idea of what 2fa or secure passwords is.

@feynman sadly no. As @ohyran mentioned you might have to create your own.

I'm disappointed to see that Manjaro advocates proprietary software over libre software, especially when we have perfectly fine options that works great already.


#Manjaro #Linux #LibreSoftware

@hund well, maybe that's an option. Going to check it out. Thanks!

@kungtotte thanks a bunch! I will try to use it on my x220 ThinkPad.

@feynman I would personally go for :void: all the way. If you want to fine tune it yourself. @rtwx

@hund the HTC Hero was my first android as well. I loved it!

@kungtotte @ohyran haha Kreml High. Long time no see. I wonder what happened to those guys.

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