If you like but don't have the money for it or dislike closed source there's Gweled.

Gweled is an open source clone of Bejeweled/Diamond Mine. It features a leveled mode, timed mode, endless mode, and hints.

While it doesn't have the more flashy jewels of later Bejeweled releases it is still a great timewaster.

Website :link: : gweled.org/

apt 📦 : gweled

server7 is racked, stacked and ready to roll. Counter is now set to 41 VMs available. 224 deployed.


@hund I really don't know what you mean. I only talk to mortals 😂

Are people using Jami? Formerly called Ring.

@agbo well my family doesn't use WhatsApp. And most friends I contact via sms or signal. Sometimes Telegram.

@hund I removed all the fuzz. The contacts are still in my phone book. Or what do you mean?

@mischa noticed that you have keybase and was thinking, maybe create a team for users/customers on openbsd.amsterdam for discussions use-cases, tips and tricks. What do you think of this?

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