Is there a history pod about all *nix and sorts out there?

I just wiped my Thinkpad x220 for a new fresh install of OpenBSD 7.1. It is wonderful.

I have trouble building Serenityos on OpenBSD I get passed the rebuild-toolchain but the run-command fails with out of memory error. Maybe I have to change my /etc/login.conf to allow more memory to the staff group.

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I'm trying to build SerenityOS on FreeBSD but the code is not optimized for FreeBSD as of yet.

Just got my pinebook running netbsd with some tweaks and a wifi USB dongle since not yet support for the built-in.

When I not working at the I spend time with my family, two little boys and a wife needs attention :-).

In most of my non-existent free time, I spend it on my nerdie needs. I have a big passion for and technology and with an enthusiastic interest in GNU/Linux, . Paranoid by nature.



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