People of Alpine Linux, how do you run it as a daily driver? Workable, possible?

@iah I have in my raspberry pi. At the beginning I did not used to like it because I have to do "lbu_commit" to write the changes I made but one day I fucked up the system and then I saw the advantage. You can have persistent storage if you want. Now I love Alpine.

@iah #alpinelinux isn't really meant to be used as a daily driver OS. I've only ever seen in containers or vms.

@iah I use dwm as window manager, Firefox, and mostly CLI tools. I have libreoffice on there too but I write all my papers in LaTeX now. I play music and radio with cmus (really need to switch back to mpd + ncmpcpp). It compiles most rust I throw at it and all the Python I have written. For me, it is a good alternative to Debian for a stable and lightweight distro. The only problems are when I try to compile non repo packages that depend on glibc etc. I have not been able to compile some things.

@iah I really like how barebones it is to start with. Gives a lot of freedom while having no 'elite' kind of attitude around the Alpine.

@iah yep. Well, it runs on my netbook. Slackware in my main rig. I use my netbook to do a lot of things, but mainly an SSH terminal. I ran Alpine as a daily on my main rig, but eventually I switched because I was more comfortable with Slackware.

But it is totally doable, and very rewarding to start with almost nothing and no systemd, then do what you want with it. So much simpler than the mega distros out there.

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