@hund i see that you have added freebsd on your profile. That's great to see. How do you BSD? 🙃

@iah I've been toying with it for some time now. I don't use it for anything serious yet.

Perhaps you could find a way for me to use sendxmpp in FreeBSD?

@hund isn't that just a perl script? What are the issues? Does this port work: ?

@iah It complains about TLS or something, I can't remember now. Would you like to test it?

@hund sure, when I get home. Have you tried it on Linux as well?

@iah It works in pretty much every Linux based operating system that I have tried.

@hund i got it working on OpenBSD. I use --no-tls-verify though.

@iah Doesn't that send unencrypted messages?

@hund well yeah I guess so. Tried using a cert from another machine?

@iah Ah! I will check leter when I reinstall it.

@iah I found xmppc. Would you mind trying it out? It's another CLI-client, only this is written in C and it's actively maintained.

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