I've been switching all my mailing list subscriptions to and really like how it treats my mails. I still miss the custom domain support.

@iah you actually using The Feed and Paper Trail? I overall love Hey but I'm not used to looking in those spots so I miss stuff and it's outdated when I see it.

@Digital_Edge I do use it. But not for the important mail. Just some mailinglists on the feed which I don't need to read when it arrives. The paper trail for receipts and other "more" important reference mail.

@iah @Digital_Edge This can be achieved with pretty much every e-mail provider. In what way are Hey making it unique to the point it's worth overpaying for it?

@hund I'm not to sure that you need it. But I like to try out new things and this is a fresh new look on email. Never again need to mark as read or unread, pin it, archive it, label it. Check out some reviews or try it on your own. @Digital_Edge

@iah @Digital_Edge How is it fresh? We're talking about sending plain text messages. It can only be done in so many ways.

I'm sorry for being this old grumpy neophobic person here, but I'm not to impressed by this overpriced hipster thingy. :P

@hund @iah @Digital_Edge I read up a bit on what Hey offers and nothing in there is truly unique or mind-blowing.

I can replicate most of those features right now in my email clients of choice, most of the rest can be added to those clients if it's desirable, and right now I can't think of any Hey-feature that can't be done (or implemented) elsewhere.

So I think I'm with @hund here. Besides being new and shiny, what's the selling point of Hey?

@kungtotte @hund @Digital_Edge the best feature is the way to screen senders. And I really like the way to rename threads and merging threads together. And to find attachments with ease. The only setback right now for me is the lacking support for custom domains.

@iah @kungtotte @hund I agree with all of that, the interface is really good, thought I admit it just arranges what other clients could do. But does it very well and I like having it the same on desktop and mobile. Sometimes just making an existing system more convenient or streamlined is enough to beat out what came before.

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