@iah I installed it about 2 years ago, but haven't been using it much. I was using beta 0.7 with LDAP plugin, which broke at beta 0.8, and haven't been following much since.

Yet, as a simple, KISS, non-docker alternative to Discourse for a true web 2.0 forum feeling, it does the job well, and is really quite simple to install.

I believe stable release should more or less be around the corner now...

@contact thanks for your reply. I have tried installing it in my OpenBSD machine. I though believe it needs more memory to build. It quits with out of memory errors.

@iah Quite possible, I remember that composer can build up to using a lot of memory during the installation.

@contact aye, I will probably build it on a local machine and then upload it to the server machine.

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