People here who owns a pinebook? The original not the Pro. What do you use it for? I can't find a good use scenario. Ideas?

The original #Pinebook (11.8” 1080p) is a small light laptop with an excellent display, quite usable but quirky keyboard and so so touchpad. There are a lot of different distros available and it’s really usable for writing, web browsing, light development, that sort of thing. It’s not the fastest laptop, but ok.

@marcuse1w What do you use it for? I have been running NetBSD 9.0 for a while and it works quite well. But I have trouble installing it onto the emmc.

I had Manjaro ARM for quite a while. That works very good. I am now experimenting with /e/ a google free Android variant. That still needs some love. Also just now a new #Pinebook (not pro) has been announced. Also, dependent on your use case you might be interested in the upcoming #Pineatab. Although that would be the first early adopter release. I played with one last summer, nice.

@iah Currently it fills space in my tech cabinet.
Debian testing (1 month ago) had the problem that I could decrypt luks only via serial interface. Debian is the only Linux distribution providing an installer for armhf/aarch64.

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