@matt hey Matt, is there any way to add additional code in the header or so on

@iah By header, do you mean the blog title / description? And what kind of code would you like to add?

cc @write_as

@iah @write_as We don't have a built-in way to do this, but the best way would probably be with custom Javascript -- for example:

@matt @write_as oh, I see. I'll see if I manage to do this without js. Maybe move it down to the body. The js support on the admin page, where does it place the code?

@iah @matt
The Custom JavaScript added on the admin page is placed at the end of the body on both the blog view & individual posts. Any external JavaScript files that you include (which are added to the Custom JS like this --> // src: https:// example dot com / embed.js ) are included there also.

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