@kev are you still using Zoho and still satisfied?

@iah I am. I’ve happily been using them for a few years off and on. Been with them for the last 2 years and remain a happy customer.

I’d highly recommend them.

@iah we also use them to host Fosstodon’s email.

@kev I see. I was actually planning on leaving them in favour of Runbox. Feel better to host my email closer to home. Was actually wondering if you have had any issues with emails disappearing when trying to move them between server via an IMAP client? And their support is slow. And if appears that they don't do backups of the contents more than 30 days..

@iah I don’t use IMAP with my accounts, I’m a webmail kinda guy. When I did used to use IMAP, I had no issues though.

Backups aren’t a requirement for me. I think you can pay for a journaling like feature though.

@kev what plan do you use? Apparently I have to buy "This feature is available only for Premium and Professional Plan users." To enable backups :/

@iah I’m not sure. Mail Lite I think it’s called.

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