On recent events regarding #voidlinux 

@hund oh, Void Linux? Well, xtraeme left the project for 8 months. No one knew where he was. And then he came back and starting to commit to the project again. And now recently he got banned from GitHub and he created an account on gitlab and with it he moved his project xbps and changed its license to a BSD-3-Clause which means Void Linux has to fork it but change its name.

@hund well, I think it will move like it always have. With or without Juan. Like @kungtotte said, it worked out just fine the last time he vanished. A minor hickup now might be the rebranding/renaming issue.

@iah I never cared much for them anyway after how I was treated by them a few years ago. This "Ubuntu noob" it's perfectly fine with Gentoo anyway. :)

@hund never really looked into void, but I also got the feeling that they seem to value their elitism.

@fireglow @iah Unfortunately yes. It's the same reason for me leaving Arch after almost a decade with it. The developers and community was way too toxic.

@fireglow I'm not so sure about that. Evey time I have been in contact they gave been very helpful and polite. @hund

@hund I guess you just had bad luck that 'one' time with some fool. Do you still got that screenshot?

@iah It was at least two persons. I have the IRC logs, I usually don't delete any logs.

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