Can anyone recommend a domain registrar with a great dns service where I can manage my own dns and zones. I am looking for a look like

@iah NameCheap is pretty awesome. AWS has really good controls in Route 53, and you can register with them, too.

@ndegruchy @iah I’ve been happy with Namecheap for a couple of years too.

@iah I use but they’re expensive for .se and .nu.

@mike thats sad. You know any good Swedish provider? I have tried Binero and Loopia with various results.

@iah but their backend for managing dns sucks

@iah has support for .se, .nu.; Webinterface for DNS+DNSSEC. Supports Slave DNS servers, DynDNS (haven't tried), and pre-defined sets of DNS servers per domain.
Support can receive PGP email. API access.
Been with them for over a decade. Can absolutely recommend.
Downside: Google stuff on the website.

@fireglow cool stuff. I have to check out this tomorrow. Thanks a bunch!

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