I am using Zoho Mail for my family. And now I am looking for a better alternative. Is has to be easy to use and must support importing of email through IMAP or similar. Webmail and support for IMAP is required. Anyone got any idea? Please help me out here.

@iah I use (mail, contacts, calendar)
It works with Evolution and K9 Mail, I'm very satisfied with it.

@istvan @iah Agree with Istvan's recomendation. Other recommendation is Tutanota, though they do not have IMAP support they have desktop and mobile clients for Android, IOS, Linux, Mac and Windows. Extremely easy to use with encryption out of the box. Also has a nice interface to manage multiple email accounts from one account (yours).

@hund you know that I love Fastmail. Use it for my personal accounts. But I don't want to use it for the family.

@iah Cheap ol' chap! Why not create aliases?

@hund I don't have the time. It would to be the best alternative.

@iah You have the time to complain though. ;)

That's why I like posteo. It's ridiculously affordable and does everything I need.

@kev it does not work well anymore. Their SMTP servers are way too busy all the time. Trouble sending mail.

@iah ah, we’re using Zoho for msil at Fosstodon and I often have trouble sending email. I just thought it was my vpn or something. Might need to change too.

@kev I had a ton of problems with them. Felt like they were on every blacklist known to man was a total pain. The mails that wouldn't get through all appeared to be the important ones of course. You are probably better self-hosting at this point. Using FOSS of course.

@kev I see, I get a lot of spam towards I can recommend you moving from Zoho. They are cheap but not worth it. It works but mostly not at all.

@iah really? One thing I don’t get is spam. That’s interesting. I’ll start looking for other hosts.

@kev let me know what you find. I'm looking as well. is one I love and use personally but I need this domain hosted elsewhere for a couple of reasons.

@iah I use FastMail for my personal mail. They are awesome. Not sure we can afford it for Fosstodon. :(

@kev yeah, no I totally understand. It's a bit steep for a couple of users. But perfect for myself.



I use Zoho's (older) free domain hosting option and have not noticed any delay in sending or receiving.

There are still a couple of other options for free hosted domain email like yandex[0] or up to 3 users with[0] however I have not used either service and cant vouch for them personally


@iah - been using their service for a long time now. No problems so far.

@iah Yes and yes.

You could test their service for free if you want.

@iah If you have questions, just let me know. Try to help then.

@doxhund thanks! It appears mailbox has some office suite?

@iah They have some web apps as alternatives to MS Office. Never used them tho.

@iah I like mailcow. It is a self-hosting stack in the form of docker-compose. I’m using it for multiple domains and a few users. The only cost I have is the vps instance I run it on. It is like cheating at self-hosting.

@iah @makuharigaijin

Just read this thread. What did you select in the end. I am hunting for same now.

@maroon @makuharigaijin I gave up on the IMAP requirement and went with Tutanota a real awesome service. Can really recommend it. Lacks some features but an active team working on lots of things.

@maroon I don't know what mailbox is. I have only tried for a few days and it didn't have support for custom domains. That's a no go for me. @makuharigaijin

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