I am trying to come up with a better Swedish word for 'Toot', anyone got a suggestion?

@hund no I really don't but if I can?

And hey! Long time no talk 😂 what's up?

@iah It's like Translating Linux or Google. :P

And why's that? Someone decided to stop using XMPP. :( I'm fine. It's the same old. Boring classes and eagerly waiting for the spring.

What's up yourself? :)

@hund nah it definitely not. That's brand names. A toot is a sound from a Mastodon, an ancient animal, destinct from existence.

Well, to many online accounts is bothering me and you are the only dude who's using it in my world 😂

@iah @hund
save it as is: "tut"/"tuta" feels weird. :)

Otherwise "Jävla Oljud" or "Bröl" :)

@ohyran haha, I'm not sure about that. Brööl is a good one though, reminds me of a kind of nice the ambulance at work does. Hah. @hund

@iah @hund ooooh or a Gothenburgian "tjôta!" Would be brilliant 😃

@iah @hund actually we need an instance called like tjô or something 😃

@iah @hund

well of course, since its not possible to have tjôta.enna as an address :D

@ohyran but the possibility to create bröö exists 🤣 @hund

@hund and yeah everything is fine over here. New job, new baby on the way 😁

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