@iah What did you do with the contacts you had there?

@hund I removed all the fuzz. The contacts are still in my phone book. Or what do you mean?

@iah How do you communicate with them when you don't have WhatsApp? I assume it's stubborn mortal users? :D

@hund I really don't know what you mean. I only talk to mortals 😂

@iah holy moly, I want to do the same. How in the world did that work out with family and acquaintances?

@agbo well my family doesn't use WhatsApp. And most friends I contact via sms or signal. Sometimes Telegram.

@iah Good move!
I've never been on WhatsApp, but admittedly I'm cheating a bit because my wife is there (she needs it to coordinate her voluntary work) and she keeps in touch with our common friends for me. Without that, my social life would probably be much poorer.
Meanwhile we're both trying to win people over to Telegram because we both like it better and I can talk to them there as well.

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