@hund I've been seeing Necunos going on sale. But wow so expensive.

@iah meanwhile an iPhone XS Max starts at €1300...

I won't spend that on a phone, but if I did I'd go with the Necunos for sure.

@kungtotte Yes, I know what you mean. But this phone is intended to use open source parts, sure it can be more expensive but that price is a bit steep. I would never buy a new iphone.

@iah isn't the only necunos phone on sale the developer edition? Without modem and sim slot?
I thought the release candidate will be much cheaper.

@vancha you're totally right. "NOTE: Necunos NC_1 is an engineering unit. It does not have cellular modem or SIM-card slot. It will ship with your choice of software. You are in control of the software running on the NC_1 and Necuno Solutions is not liable for any defects or bugs in the software. "

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