I'm afraid that my desktop computer just fried one or maybe two of my disk drives.. systemd is shouting out errors..

@hund im not sure. The computer hanged with a black and white frozen screen. Rebooted and systemd gave me errors. But before systemd I got errors like 'comreset error 16'.

@iah I tried Manjaro yesterday. It didn't end well. Send me a message on xmpp and I'll show you.

@hund I have found a fix. One old(!) drive is more likely dead. Sounds weird and won't show partitions. Luckily it was just filled with movies, series and music. So now Im in the business of buying new sdd's, recommendations?

@hund thanks. What retailer? I usually buy from Komplett or Webhallen.

@hund yeah, apparently Webbhallen doesn't sell Samsung 860 pro only evo.

@hund now I'm poor again. Bought four new hard drives, just to be sure ;)

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