@iah correct. We have a Fosstodon team for @mike, the mods and myself, then an admin team for just Mike and I.

@iah @kev

Well, there is the IRC channel that @mike set up. It's open to everyone

@iah Well, we were on an IRC channel on Undernet for a while, but I didn't go through official channels to make it permanent.

@codesections @kev

@mike @codesections @kev check this out: freenode.net/groupreg that might benefit the people of fosstodon to chat as a group or one-on-one.

@iah I'll give it a look when I get home from work tonight. The only reason I chose Undernet is because that's where I usually am anyway when I'm on IRC. I'm not attached to it.

@codesections @kev

@iah we have now and are currently discussing it. 🙂

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