I moved all my domains from iwantmyname and oderland to Gandi. Feel good to have them all collected. @sir

You naughty , we asked you to take down the words "Open Source" from your website since you are NOT

You did.

It seems those words have somehow found their way back on the website.

Time to raise awareness again and try to make Cyph understand. If the fedizens would like to join the effort and leave a little comment on the issue, that'd be awesome!

Boost appreciated


People of Alpine Linux, how do you run it as a daily driver? Workable, possible?

@hund i see that you have added freebsd on your profile. That's great to see. How do you BSD? 🙃

I have a hard time getting back to systemd when I was getting used and amused by runit. Maybe should convert my desktop computer to runit as well.

I've been switching all my mailing list subscriptions to and really like how it treats my mails. I still miss the custom domain support.

I'm now trying out finally. It's pretty good. But since it doesn't support custom domains it's a no go for me right now.

The web scam known as Brave browser gets caught, again, doing shady stuff. This time they stuff their affiliate links/code into your searches and URLs so that Brave makes money each time you visit certain sites.

People need to stop using Brave. It's a bad faith actor in the browser market. At this point even Chrome would be preferable.


The Fedora and Lenovo partnership is about more than just selling Thinkpads with Linux pre-installed. In this special video interview, Fedora lead Matthew Miller and Lenovo's Senior Linux Software Engineer Mark Pearson join me to discuss a TON of details.


I recently got the early bird version of @hund @iokeyboards new 65% ISO, hotswap, RGB underglow PCB.

Although it being an early adopter model I have to say that it is already really matured! Everything worked out of the box; the soldering joints of the components are all perfect and the hotswap doesn't feel flimsy at all!

It is a perfect board for newcomers and tinkerers who don't like the awkward and time consuming process of (de-)soldering their switches!

Here's a quick demo of the RGB underglow. There's currently no plans for backlight support and I have no plans on adding it either.

That's because there's no high quality keycaps that supports it and I'm only aiming for high quality products.

It's #OpenBSD release time again! 6.7 is out: openbsd.org/67.html
signify key:

I got a tip for you. If in confined spaces, open a window or all of them. vimeo.com/402577241

I know for K9 for example you can create an account and export the profile and provide it for a friend to configure n their own phone. Is there a way of doing the same for people using the Apple ecosystem?

People here who owns a pinebook? The original not the Pro. What do you use it for? I can't find a good use scenario. Ideas?

@matt hey Matt, is there any way to add additional code in the header or so on write.as?

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