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I’m not saying that sci-fi is a bad thing, but it does not make sense in Mr Mercedes.

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What happened with Mr Mercedes in season two? Why so much sci-fi?

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@iah As far as I know there are no Mac specific Mastodon clients, they are all written using web technologies (electron, webview etc.). So vast majority is cross platform. Only exception I can think of is toot, which is written in Python, so that probably works too.

What mastodon client are you using on MacOS?

I am finally back on openbsd.amsterdam, it feels lovely. Thanks @mischa

@mischa i just booked a new vm, please advise me with payment details :)

@kev for iOS? Do you use it? Which app is great? I have tried loads and all suck.

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Ooooo the new report feature on @tootapp is so nice! If you’re on iOS, Toot! is the best app, bar none.

Don’t worry @xpil I’m not gonna report you! 😊

Best virtual machine software in FOSS/FLOSS?

WhatsApp finally deleted. I had to leave some active groups for work. But what are one going to do. I am finally free from Facebook.

This is an unavailable set. I don’t know any move I can make here.

If you are using Mastodon on your desktop, what do you prefer using? An App, the browser, anything else?

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The Apple Arcade games are really great, almost every game is cool.

Anyone tried/using MeWe? How does it compare to privacy violating social networks? Is there a group?

I have now deleted my Facebook/Messenger account for the last time. I needed Facebook for the thesis I am writing for school. Since netnography is hard without it. But I’m almost done so I am done with Facebook as well. And my mission now is to move all of my co-workers over to Signal from WhatsApp. There we got a group for shift changes and miscellaneous information. Some I got convinced. But lots have no idea what Signal is. Bah! Any help would be appreciated!

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