I deleted my account on pixelfed.social and pixelfed.se as well. I just couldn't help myself.

Telegram basics 

A #vulnerability in #sudo lets #Linux users run commands as root even when they're restricted (CVE-2019-14287).
Image credit: The Hacker News
Article: thehackernews.com/2019/10/linu

I just removed my 19 years old Instagram account. Feels refreshing.

I've been playing newly released wow classic for a couple of weeks flawlessly on Manjaro. Some have been saying that KDE is not that great serving games but I have had nothing but great performance.

@hund are you using hetzner? If so how does it perform?

It's amazing that Tool is now trying out streaming services.. Finally I can listen without the fuzz. and their next album is coming soon.

I'm disappointed to see that Manjaro advocates proprietary software over libre software, especially when we have perfectly fine options that works great already.


#Manjaro #Linux #LibreSoftware

If I want to use a cloud service on openbsd and not owncloud or Nextcloud, is there any other option?

We’ve been asked to provide a list of instances we have blocked on the fediverse.

Wanting to be as transparent as possible, we were happy to oblige. If/when we add to the list, we will maintain this page.


@ohyran I think you forgot about me and my idea? 😆

Can anyone recommend a domain registrar with a great dns service where I can manage my own dns and zones. I am looking for a look like iwantmyname.com

@mike @kev anything wrong with the login? My 2fa codes stopped working..

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