@mischa noticed that you have keybase and was thinking, maybe create a team for users/customers on openbsd.amsterdam for discussions use-cases, tips and tricks. What do you think of this?

Okay so to be frank; I'm digging that @sir has launched a WHOLE set of projects to help developers have options outside of corporate control. It's a lean site and seemingly friendly to userscripts (which makes theming very comfortable) meta.sr.ht/

Finally finished setting up the new backup server for sr.ht. 52 TB of ZFS goodness with daily automatic snapshots. Now fielidng real-time postgresql replication (which is suitable for use as a failover database as well), and taking hourly backups of git.sr.ht, 2,500 miles from the primary datacenter.

I was *pretty* confident in my redundancy and backup setup before, but now I have no doubt that sr.ht's data isn't going anywhere.

Worth a blog post on the subject?

"This release fixes several outstanding bugs in bash-4.4 and introduces several new **bugs**. The most significant bug fixes are an overhaul of how nameref variables resolve and a number of potential out-of-bounds memory errors discovered via fuzzing. There are a number of changes to the expansion of $@ and $* in various contexts where word splitting is not performed to conform to a Posix standard interpretation, and additional changes to resolve corner cases for Posix conformance. " - humor.

Just ran wipefs on my previous openbsd install. Giving arch another go after streaming all of Luke Smiths videos. And now after the installation I am running larbs.sh from larbs.xyz/ - excited!

@mvdwrd If you're not already following @romanzolotarev, he has a steady stream of OpenBSD tips, tricks, and you get to watch him spar with his system.

🎉 I'm at $72 per month on Patreon.
This and your one-time payments help me to run my sites.

⛳ My next goal is to cover basic admin costs
(banking, accounting, hosting, etc)

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░ $150

💕 Thank you so much for your support!

@hund I've been seeing Necunos going on sale. But wow so expensive.

Want to know which manual describes what you're looking for?
$ man -k any=ulimit

Want to open it right away?
Add `-a'.

Want to read a manual starting at your tag of interest?
$ man -O tag=ulimit ksh'

Want to find the right manual *and* jump ahaed?
$ man -O tag=ulimit -a -k .=ulimit

Want to avoid redundance but still do lookup, opening and scrolling in one go?
$ man -akOtag .=ulimit

This now works as (I) would expect thanks to Ingo's help: cvsweb.openbsd.org/src/usr.bin

#OpenBSD #man #mandoc

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@hund I would like to recommend that you check out openbsd.amsterdam cheap way to learn bsd 😉

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