I've been switching all my mailing list subscriptions to and really like how it treats my mails. I still miss the custom domain support.

I'm now trying out finally. It's pretty good. But since it doesn't support custom domains it's a no go for me right now.

The web scam known as Brave browser gets caught, again, doing shady stuff. This time they stuff their affiliate links/code into your searches and URLs so that Brave makes money each time you visit certain sites.

People need to stop using Brave. It's a bad faith actor in the browser market. At this point even Chrome would be preferable.


The Fedora and Lenovo partnership is about more than just selling Thinkpads with Linux pre-installed. In this special video interview, Fedora lead Matthew Miller and Lenovo's Senior Linux Software Engineer Mark Pearson join me to discuss a TON of details.


I recently got the early bird version of @hund @iokeyboards new 65% ISO, hotswap, RGB underglow PCB.

Although it being an early adopter model I have to say that it is already really matured! Everything worked out of the box; the soldering joints of the components are all perfect and the hotswap doesn't feel flimsy at all!

It is a perfect board for newcomers and tinkerers who don't like the awkward and time consuming process of (de-)soldering their switches!

Here's a quick demo of the RGB underglow. There's currently no plans for backlight support and I have no plans on adding it either.

That's because there's no high quality keycaps that supports it and I'm only aiming for high quality products.

It's #OpenBSD release time again! 6.7 is out: openbsd.org/67.html
signify key:

I got a tip for you. If in confined spaces, open a window or all of them. vimeo.com/402577241

I know for K9 for example you can create an account and export the profile and provide it for a friend to configure n their own phone. Is there a way of doing the same for people using the Apple ecosystem?

People here who owns a pinebook? The original not the Pro. What do you use it for? I can't find a good use scenario. Ideas?

@matt hey Matt, is there any way to add additional code in the header or so on write.as?

@mike @kev is there a way to make :void: looks good on dark/black background?

@kungtotte what do you think about the Juan RP (xtraeme) most recent actions?

Come join me on MeWe! It's the only social network built on trust, control and love. mewe.com/i/isakalexander
Anyone else using ?

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