Do you like open source?
Do you like ?
Do you like Rust ()?
Do you like Python, Go, C, C++, PHP, Ruby?
Do you want a family friendly work environment?
Do you want to work remotely?
Are you a woman?

Good news! is hiring 🎉. Please ping me!

@hywan bonjour Ivan. Où est-ce qu’on peut trouver l’annonce stp ?

@nicosomb Pas de site pour l'annonce, on prend tous les CV comme ça pour l'instant.

@jordan31 My team is only constituted of men (from various countries though). I want to counter-balance that. It's always good to have greater diversity.

@hywan I understand that, but never agreed with the way most of this is handled. I like the saying "the right person for the job" regardless of gender or w/e else people may come up with. But I'm sure you are just putting it out there to make women aware they are welcomed and to not be intimidated.

@jordan31 Exactly. We would like to encourage women to apply.

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