πŸŽ‰ Excited to present another of my project!

🌍 Atlasr, a truly open-source and free map browser,

The open-source map ecosystem is mature, but no mainstream tool Γ  la Google Maps exists. Atlasr is the response to that.

@hywan Is there any Demo online to check it out?

@blub Not yet. It is expensive (lot of data). Trying to configure a VM or a Docker is the next goal, then finding a cheap host somewhere.

@hywan Yes, I know OSM processing costs a lot of ressources. But I'm looking forward to compare it to other OSM based portals as #OpenStreetBrowser

@hywan I could run that on my home server if you want (no uptime guarantees obviously and only a ryzen 5 system, but it mostly does nothing all day which is a shame πŸ˜‰)

@Matter interesting! Thanks for the offer! Can you open an issue on Github to discuss about that?

@hywan I don't have a Github account, so no πŸ˜†

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