‪🦀 Rust 2018 is here… but what is it?, hacks.mozilla.org/2018/12/rust

‪An excellent article that explains what Rust 2018 edition is.‬

‪Reflecting on Rust and WebAssembly in 2018, rustwasm.github.io/2018/12/06/

‪A review of what has been accomplished in the Rust + WASM land in 2018, and what will happen in 2019.‬

‪Announcing Rust 1.31 and Rust 2018, blog.rust-lang.org/2018/12/06/

‪So much cool stuff in it! That’s a great moment.‬

Qwant Maps (alpha), qwant.com/maps/.


It's limited for now, but very promising.
The entire infrastructure is explained here, github.com/QwantResearch/qwant.

How [To] Write a Modern C++ Library in Rust, hsivonen.fi/modern-cpp-in-rust.

Excellent article explaining how to write a Rust library that acts like a modern C++ library. Example with `encoding_rs`, used in Firefox.

🐘 + 🦀 + 🕸️ = php-ext-wasm

🎉 New feature: Imported functions! This is huge 🚀!

Any progam with `extern` functions, can define their implementations in PHP.
WASM can integrate your PHP framework!

PHP calls Rust that calls PHP 🤪.


OpenBeerMap, openbeermap.github.io, yep, should I explain that?


100 followers \o/

That was quick!
Thanks for the welcoming!

🎉 Excited to present another of my project!

🌍 Atlasr, a truly open-source and free map browser, github.com/atlasr-org/atlasr.

The open-source map ecosystem is mature, but no mainstream tool à la Google Maps exists. Atlasr is the response to that.

@hywan ‪Also, not mentioned in the article, but more machines means more maintenance, more work to orchestrate all the machines, the backups, the deployments etc. So more costs, that can be avoided by optimizing the code!‬

php-ext-wasm was trending on Github… in the C category, yup, it happened to me!


Archive source: github.motakasoft.com/trending

Thanks for the welcoming!

wasmer, a high-performance WebAssembly JIT interpreter, wasmer.io/.

It is based on Cranelift \o/.

🐘 + 🦀 + 🕸️ php-ext-wasm

New `wasm_get_function_signature` API, with `WASM_SIGNATURE_TYPE_*` constants.

It is used to verify and automatically cast/type arguments when calling a function.

No need to use `WASM\ArgumentsBuilder` anymore.


Some notes about HTTP/3, blog.erratasec.com/2018/11/som.

Interesting overview of HTTP/3, how things will change, and a historical retrospective.

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