‪🐍🕸 `wasmer`, the Python extension to run WebAssembly binaries (github.com/wasmerio/python-ext), has reached 500 🌟 on Github in a week!‬

‪The extension has also already been installed 2700+ times (pepy.tech/project/wasmer) 🚀!‬

‪You’re crazy 🥰! Thank you!‬

‪Amethyst receives Mozilla grant for Wasm development, amethyst.rs/blog/moss-grant-an

‪Amethyst is a 2D and 3D game engine written in Rust. Mozilla helps them to improve the WebAssembly compatibility with a donation of 10kUSD.‬

Fluent 1.0, hacks.mozilla.org/2019/04/flue

Mozilla announces Fluent, a localization system for natural-sounding translations.

It looks great, and it solves real issues. Well done!

SQLite release 3.28.0, sqlite.org/releaselog/3_28_0.h

Enhanced window functions, new query optimizations, enhancements to the CLI, improvoed robustness against corrupt database files and so on!

Pyodide, bringing the scientifist Python stack to the browser, hacks.mozilla.org/2019/04/pyod

This time, it's Python compiled to Wasm to run in a browser.

🐍🕸 Announcing officially `wasmer`, a Python extension to run WebAssembly binaries


Version 0.2.0 released today.

It's fast. It's stable. Wheels exist for macOS and Linux. Go try it!

$ pip install wasmer

Share the love!

Blazingly fast parsing, part 2: lazy parsing, v8.dev/blog/preparser.

How v8 has improved its JavaScript parser to be faster. This one is about different lazy parsing strategy.

🐍🕸 The `wasmer` Python extension to run WebAssembly (github.com/wasmerio/python-ext) now supports slices as memory indices:

memory = instance.memory.uint8_view(pointer)
print(''.join(map(chr, memory[0:13])))

🐍🕸 What's new in the Python extension to run WebAssembly, github.com/wasmerio/python-ext

• Full rewrite from `rust-cpython` to `pyo3`, github.com/PyO3/pyo3,
• New API for exported functions that mimics the W3C API `instance.exports.sum(1, 2)`,
• Faster!

🐍🦀🕸 Some raw benchmarks of the Python extension to run WebAssembly, github.com/wasmerio/python-ext

Results for nbody(5000000):

🥇 Python extension (with Cranelift as backend): 2.180s
🥈 PPCI (to native code): 19.767s
🥉 pure Python: 63.970s
❔ pywasm: >1000s

🐍🦀🕸 Python + WebAssembly, github.com/wasmerio/python-ext

🎉 I'm happy to announce a new Python extension to run WebAssembly binaries 🎉!

It works. It's a beta. Have fun.

• Instantiate a module ✅
• Call a function ✅
• Read/write the memory ✅

‪wac, github.com/grassel/wac

‪A WebAssembly interpreter written in C targeting embedded devices.‬

‪Arenas vs. Indices, llogiq.github.io/2019/04/06/ar

‪This article presents pros and cons of an arena data type. It discusses how it can be improved to be more memory compact and thread-safe. The author presents a new crate called compact_arena.‬

‪Alacritty 0.3.0 released, blog.christianduerr.com/alacri

‪Alacritty is an extremely fast terminal emulator based on the GPU.‬

‪Windows support, better keyboard layout on macOS, text reflow, clickable URL, zero-sized characters, signal handling…‬

‪This release is good.‬

‪Compiling C to WebAssembly using clang/LLVM and WASI, 00f.net/2019/04/07/compiling-t

‪The article explains how to compile a C program to WebAssembly with the WAsm System Interface (WASI). Simple. Elegant.‬

‪Final example with wasmtime, @wasmerio & Lucet.‬

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