How to write fast Rust code,

A collection of tips and tricks to improve Rust code performance.

Wasmer —a WebAssembly runtime— 0.13.0 released,

• New `wasmer_trap` function in the C API to properly error within a host function,
• Simpler logging,
• Enable by default float-to-int conversions.

More at

Wasmex, an Elixir library for executing WebAssembly binaries,

It is based on @wasmerio 🎉!


BLAKE3 is an extremely fast, parallel cryptographic hash,

Almost 4.5x faster than BLAKE2b, and 6x faster than SHA-1, good job!

Wasmer 0.12 has been released before Christmas,

* AArch64 support in the LLVM backend,
* Select WASI version with the C API,
* Caching support for the Singlepass backend.

Have fun!

Tensorflow.js available on WebAssembly backend,

From 2641ms with JS to 239ms with Wasm!

Source code of tfjs-backend-wasm,

With the Face Detector model, Wasm is comparable to WebGL in term of perf.

Constant propagation is now on by default in Rust nightly,

Even if LLVM has its own constant propagation pass, this one is more generic and operates earlier. Thus improving compilation performance by 2-10%.

Wasmer, a powerful WebAssembly runtime @wasmerio, has reached 5000🌟 on Github,

Thank you so much!


A tool that statically, ahead-of-time, translates or raises binaries to LLVM IR.

That's fantastic!

We need to rethink how we build,

1⃣ Straw is a local, natural & ecological material
2⃣ Lambda value: 0.056W/mK, i.e. exceptional insulation
3⃣ Fire protection w/o fire retardant: REI120 & REIef120
4⃣ Capture 10'000kg of CO₂ (-88.7kg CO₂/m²)

Dramatically reduced power usage in Firefox 70 on macOS with Core Animation,

Power usage's improved by 3x or more for many use cases. Computer battery life is greatly extended!

Making the Tokio scheduler 10x faster,

Tokio is an async runtime for Rust. Its internal scheduler has been improved.

Schedulers are complex (I've studied them back in University). Impacts are huge.

The article is very well written.

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