Wasmer 0.5 has been released, github.com/wasmerio/wasmer/rel.

• More stable version of WASI
• Ships with wapm 0.3 (with package signing and contracts)
• Emscripten improvements, now able to run python and openssl!
• Context trampoline for exported functions
• & more!

j4rs, i.e. Java for Rust, allows effortless calls to Java code from Rust, astonbitecode.github.io/blog/p.

Looks neat. A project to follow.

Stabilize support for Profile-guided Optimization (PGO) in Rust, github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull.

In a nutshell: It collects practical data at runtime to guide optimizations in the compiler. A truly performance booster! Can't wait to test it in stable Rust!

Pathfinder: a first look at the best fonts and vector graphics on VR/AR, blog.mozvr.com/pathfinder-a-fi.

Pathfinder is a fast, practical GPU rasterizer for fonts and vector graphics. It changes everything when it comes to VR/AR. The article explains why.

bzip2 in Rust, Basic infrastructure and CRC32 computation, people.gnome.org/~federico/blo.

bzip2 is very likely to be rewritten in Rust. The article explains the strategy, how it has started etc.

🐹🕸️ Wasmer, the Go library, github.com/wasmerio/go-ext-was, now supports imported function 🎉: WebAssembly can call a function implemented in Go!

Example with a logger in the following screenshots.

🐹🕸️ I'm super excited to announce the Fastest WebAssembly Runtime for Go: wasmer, medium.com/wasmer/announcing-t 🎉

github.com/wasmerio/go-ext-was is a Go library to execute WebAssembly binaries.

Have fun!

DeleteFB, github.com/weskerfoot/DeleteFB

A Selenium script to delete all of your Facebook wall posts.

It's never too late to leave Facebook. Leave it, now.

grcov, github.com/mozilla/grcov

Rust tool to collect and aggregate code coverage data for multiple source files.

PixelFed, pixelfed.org/

A free and ethical photo sharing platform, powered by ActivityPub federation.

Source code: github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed

It looks really promising! Can't wait to test it for real :-).

Using Rust to Scale Elixir for 11 Million Concurrent Users, blog.discordapp.com/using-rust.

@discordapp is using @rustlang to improve the performance of their Member List feature.

tl;dr result: From 500µs with Sorted List (Elixir) to 0.61µs with StoredSet (Elixir+Rust).

Rustler, github.com/rusterlium/rustler.

Safe Rust bridge for creating Erlang Native Implemented Functions (NIF).

Create Interactive .NET Documentation with Try .NET, devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/.

Try .NET now uses WebAssembly for a more interactive experience.

Source code of Try .NET is also now open source, github.com/dotnet/try.

Faster smarter JavaScript debugging in Firefox DevTools, hacks.mozilla.org/2019/05/fast.

• Starts 30% faster
• Fixed source maps directly in Babel, Vue.js, Regenerator…
• Breakpoints per statement, not per line!
• Logpoints 😍
• Workers support
• and more!

I officially stop maintaining a11ym (The A11y Machine), github.com/liip/TheA11yMachine

@bpeab@twitter is the new maintainer of the project! Wish him fun!

Thanks for all the fish 🐟🐠🐡!

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