‪Replacing a hot path in your app's JavaScript with WebAssembly, developers.google.com/web/upda

‪Squoosh has replaced a hot JS path by WebAssembly. The article compares C, AssemblyScript and Rust, their resp. outputs and tooling.‬

‪Spoiler: Rust has been selected.‬

‪Moving from Ruby to Rust, deliveroo.engineering/2019/02/

‪@Deliveroo rewrote a critical part of their software in Rust, bound to Ruby with rutie (fork of ruru), created a new crate to deserialize Ruby data to Rust with serde, and enjoyed a safe 17x speedup!‬

‪Riot 1.0 has been released, and it looks awesome, medium.com/@RiotChat/the-big-1

‪Can’t wait for the revamp of the mobile clients!‬

‪Headless Chrome, github.com/atroche/rust-headle

‪A Rust crate à la puppeteer to control a Chrome instance programmatically; e.g. useful for testing.‬

Time to update: there's a new version of Tor Browser available.

Tor Browser 8.0.6 updates Firefox to 60.5.1esr, fixing some vulnerabilities in the Skia library. Full changelog: blog.torproject.org/new-releas

‪Generators I: Toward a minimum viable product, boats.gitlab.io/blog/post/gene

The article describes the path to get generator support in Rust. Can’t wait to play with it 😊!‬

January 29th, job offer from @wasmerio to work on WebAssembly.

January 31st, job offer from @Google to work on WebAssembly.

February 12nd, job offer from @mozilla to work on WebAssembly.

My profile must have poped somewhere, but where… 🤔

Time for some changes?

‪HTTP performances with Bref 0.3, mnapoli.fr/http-performance-br

‪Bref is a framework to deploy and run serverless PHP applications.‬

‪The average response time is 6x faster: From 250ms with Bref 0.2, to 39ms with Bref 0.3! That’s promising.‬

‪@hoaproject (Twitter) inside!‬

HTTP/3 explained, daniel.haxx.se/http3-explained

A great book by @bagder about HTTP/3.

Of course, it is open source, github.com/bagder/http3-explai

A must read :-). I highly recommend it. It's well-written and quick to apprehend.

Formats: Web, PDF, Mobi, and ePub. No paper.

New in Firefox DevTools 65, hacks.mozilla.org/2019/01/new-.

The new flexbox inspector, CSS diff, better JS stack traces, reverse search in the console history, pause on XHR/Fetch breakpoints, and more!

RustPython, a Python 3 interpreter written in Rust, github.com/RustPython/RustPyth

‪There is an online version running the WebAssembly executable, rustpython.github.io/demo/

‪Interesting project to follow.‬

Homebrew 2.0.0 is here, brew.sh/2019/02/02/homebrew-2.

Official support for Linux and Windows (in additional to macOS, as it always has), that’s great!‬

PHP RFC: JIT (Just-In-Time), wiki.php.net/rfc/jit.

The RFC explains why JIT would be a good fit in PHP, then describe the proposal.

Plan: JIT included in PHP 8, or 7.4 as an experimental feature.

Discusion is here, externals.io/message/103903

WebAssembly doesn't make unsafe languages safe (yet), 00f.net/2018/11/25/webassembly.

A good article from @jedisct1 I highly recommend as it simply describes the problem with unsafe languages that compile to WebAssembly.

Google Play Store now open for Progressive Web Apps, medium.com/@firt/google-play-s.

The article is good. However, I wonder about the fact that it's restricted to Google Chrome only. It's complex… I wonder if it will be opened to other browsers in the future.

The new signup/onboarding experience on WordPress.com is crazy :-]! Great stuff!

1. Find a theme and features by keywords with suggestions
2. Enter site name, postal address and phone number (live updates)
3. Find a domain name with suggestions
4. Enjoy!

An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms, jezzamon.com/fourier/index.htm by @jezzamonn.

This is the *best* interactive explanation of Fourier Transforms I've ever seen. Congrats!


‪Defining the tracking practices that will be blocked in Firefox, blog.mozilla.org/security/2019

‪Firefox continues to protect our privacy. The article explains the new tracking practices that will be blocked by default.‬

‪Major FaceTime bug lets you hear the audio of the person you are calling… before they pick up, 9to5mac.com/2019/01/28/facetim

‪That’s a surprising bug! Hope Apple will fix it quickly.‬

‪You can still disable FaceTime while waiting on the update.‬

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