🐘🕸️ `php-ext-wasm`, the PHP extension to run WebAssembly binaries, is now compatible with all PHP versions with an active support, i.e. PHP 7.3 and 7.2, github.com/wasmerio/php-ext-wa

tl;dr: The PR adds support for PHP 7.2.

‪WasmerSharp, github.com/migueldeicaza/Wasme

‪.NET/C# bindings to @wasmer. It means you can use WebAssembly with C# inside .NET.‬


‪The Rust compiler is still getting faster, blog.mozilla.org/nnethercote/2

‪We can’t say that @rustlang is slow to compile anymore. Kudos to the people behind those crazy improvements!‬

‪The CERN is migrating to open-source technologies, i.e. away from Microsoft, home.cern/news/news/computing/

‪The reason is: Lisenses are becoming too expensive (their status has changed, they don’t get the same offer).‬

‪WebAssembly is now W3C candidate recommandations (understand official stable standards), w3.org/blog/news/archives/7864

‪It is a set of 3 documents: Core, JS API, and Web API.‬

When a rewrite isn’t: rebuilding Slack on the desktop, slack.engineering/rebuilding-s

Slack explains how they rebuilt their entire software piece by piece, and shows the outcomes.

🐍🕸️ wasmer (the Python library to run WebAssembly binaries) is now 10x faster to write sequence in memory, github.com/wasmerio/python-ext

This PR adds support for memory view slice assignments, e.g. `view[0:13] = bytes(…)`.

Enjoy faster executions!

Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules, github.com/chrislgarry/Apollo-, now on Github.

We Need a Safer Systems Programming Language, msrc-blog.microsoft.com/2019/0.

Microsoft is stating that 70% of security vulnerabilities are about memory safety issues. They are due to C/C++ being unsafe languages.

A solution to replace such languages is Rust.


Notes on a smaller Rust, boats.gitlab.io/blog/post/note.

There are some discussions about having Rust without less features. This blog post explores the idea by pointing what makes Rust safe, and what could be _really_ removed if it wasn't designed to be a system language.

‪Microsoft to explore using Rust, zdnet.com/article/microsoft-to

‪70% of their bugs in the last 12 years, are about memory safety. Rust would almost remove that part. That’s basically huge.‬

🐹🕸️ go-ext-wasm —wasmer— 0.2.0 released, github.com/wasmerio/go-ext-was

Some highlights:

* Can grow memory
* Import/export descriptors
* Module de-/serialization
* Instance context data
* Set import namespaces
* Tested on macOS

Made with ❤️ at @wasmerio

💎🕸️ ruby-ext-wasm —wasmer— 0.3.0 released, github.com/wasmerio/ruby-ext-w

Some highlights:

* New `Memory.grow` method
* Typed arrays implement the Enumerable mixin
* Exported functions implement `respond_to_existing?`
* Improve exceptions
* Create the `Wasmer` module

Made with ❤️ at @wasmerio

🐍🕸️ python-ext-wasm —wasmer— 0.3.0 released, github.com/wasmerio/python-ext

Some highlights:

* New `Memory.grow` method
* New `Module` class
* Module de-/serialization
* Support void Wasm exported functions
* Better documentation

Made with ❤️ at @wasmer

🐘🕸️ php-ext-wasm 0.5.0 has been released, github.com/wasmerio/php-ext-wa

Some highlights:

* Rust is no longer required to build the extension
* Improve function invocation time by 77%
* Can grow memory
* Compilation fixed on CentOS

Made with ❤️ at @wasmer

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