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I ought to make an !

I've been studying computing for the past year and a half in hopes of making a career change. I'm particularly passionate about free/libre, open-source software and the hardware that supports it, and would like to give more back to the community. Hopefully, it can be more fully integrated into my working life.

I enjoy passing my days learning about kernel and hypervisor features at increasingly low abstraction levels, and am always trying out new software.

What are the best strategies to bring orgs towards the world of free and open source software? I'm currently looking into a couple which rely primarily on Microsoft.

is an awesome band. A Night at the Opera is an amazing album! It's named for a 1935 Marx Brothers film.

The @nostarch #linux humble bundle has @mwlauthor's Absolute #OpenBSD and my own The Book of PF #bookofpf in it too, pay what you want and support the #eff and the #letsencrypt! Runs for three weeks from today, get yours now!

#GNU #Linux-libre scripts updated for 6.0-rc4-gnu. 5.19.[87]-gnu, 5.15.6[75]-gnu (.66 skipped), 5.10.14[21]-gnu1, 5.4.212-gnu1, 4.19.257-gnu1, 4.14.292-gnu1, 4.9.327-gnu1 are available as sources, #Freesh and #RPMFreedom
#Freed-ora stable is at 5.19.7-gnu
#MattAsay's article on #TechRepublic is a great example of why those that promote the development model #OpenSource will never align with those support the individual liberty of #freesoftware…

My OnePlus 6 on the PostmarketOS running pretty nice, smoothly.
I spend 5 years with rooting, custom ROMs. It was amazing, but this... full GNU/Linux distro on smartphone is incredible and way more better.
I currently only missing support for USB-C dock to connect HDMI screen, but it's minor issue.
Thanks for amazing work @calebccff

you know, this actually looks like it could be a good deal if there were actually open drivers for these

there's going to be more deals like this coming real soon too

Recently enjoyed the Linux Foundation webinar, over proprietary software, of course. It left my mind wondering how the Seastar memory framework could be used creatively. Could it be the main paradigm of a microkernel OS?

Might be checking out a webinar promoted by the Linux Foundation this week.

Gonna start over with a new . In my last one I claimed to be a "self-taught developer," which is unfair to too many folks in my sphere.

I work in .NET, but on my off hours I'm into Linux/open-source tinkering. I have a deep passion for self-hosting, the FOSS desktop experience, solidarity among developers, and generally putting the human first in tech, both user and developer.

I've learned from the best and strive to continue learning and share knowledge and skill where I can.

Dear fediverse, I have got used Shazam for a while, but it's non-free software and I look for Free Software replacement - an app for recognizing music. In this specific case I could use centralized network service if I could use it anonymously with Free Software client. Any recommendations?

if you've done grad-level studies in the humanities or social sciences i'd appreciate a little advice on whether doing a sociology program is a realistic long-term plan for me. i'm a software engineer with a bs in computer sciences, i don't rightly know what i would do career-wise with a sociology degree, and i'm not rich

Soliciting opinions as I roll a server off of Yunohost onto a hand-rolled solution using docker-compose and LXC containers. This is the first of a few polls to come.

Those of you who self-host multiple services: do you use LDAP/SSO for authentication or just let each app track its own users?

You want to read a man page for `foo.' *Actually* read it, not just do a quick search or just consult the command-line switches.

Do you: _____

for more fun, thanks! ^__^

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