Oh my god I love ! I just found out about it today. I'm going to try using it for maintaining my phlog posts and server notes.

@mcol I spent a long time fiddling around with builds with and using I found was by far the most accessible to me. I tried and the flags.

Going to redo my server install. Starting with backing everything up and documenting how I'm doing the backup. Using to plan the installation, to be more careful and minimal and easy when it comes to setting things up this time. I may write a phlog post about it!

@mcol yes and no. I do everything through an alpine docker container to build with github workflow. Simple enough, but far from ideal. Feel free to use my setup from my Burrow project on GitHub.

@mcol Fixed! Thank you. I will try to get around to automated static builds like I did with .

It's really interesting and wonderful that somehow most of the tooted images I see have alt text/are annotated. That's great accessibility I think. Something about mastodon just seems to encourage people to do that and they do.

If people actually like I'd be obliged to clean it up, make it more stable, and create a .deb package for it.


@mcol That would be wonderful, thank you! As soon as you do I'll attempt to resolve it immediately. Off the top of my head I don't think I pinned the versions. We'll see, though! I should create a .deb soon.

Using as primary key in and other related tips. Helpful article since I'm working on something that uses UUIDs in .


Does anyone use for in production? I feel like if you break the mould even a little bit it becomes very difficult to work with. Talk some sense into me!

I have to learn sometime. I read it took inspiration from and I wanted to learn Rust anyway.

"Generics" and generic deriving in is some magic I have to learn about soon. `DeriveGeneric` just made implementing ToJSON and FromJSON very easy.


I really needed to hear this talk.

It's about deciding how fancy and novel to let your Haskell code with relation to maintenance. Haskell has a lot of novel tools at its disposal. Each time you choose to use a novel tool you increase the learning curve not only for beginners, but also for your future self. Sometimes that trade odd is worth it.

I also learned about some cool libraries.


I just found out about this little function: `on`.

Easiest way to think about it:

((+) `on` f) x y = f x + f y


I love !

@hyperrealgopher Yeah. There's definitely a breed of bad documentation particular to Haskell (and maybe Scala, although it should be more rare).

It's almost like c/c++ "examples" showing off their mastery of cmake idiosyncrasies instead of a task at hand.

I hate to say this, but I think I might be considering toying around with , even though I've used for over a decade.

One of the reasons why is that I need my editor to just be intuitive and not require a learning curve for basic necessities like tips for info/types of the functions I'm using, or if I want to install more packages to modify its behavior, etc. I've ben having a hard time memorizing some of the commands associated with coc/HLS.

Hoping for your comments.

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