If people actually like I'd be obliged to clean it up, make it more stable, and create a .deb package for it.


I simply cannot figure out this test error. I've written tests for Haskell before, including for my project . I don't know what's so different about this project and why, no matter what I do, it seems to error on any nonstandard library being imported during testing.

The error: bin.privacytools.io/?6b97e3921

The cabal: bin.privacytools.io/?85f8d999a

Loaded up baud.baby in ( client).

Not sure what's going on here! Usually terminal color codes work great. Not sure what the stuff in the yellow is supposed to be.

After I finish and to v1, with their respective releases, I think I should make a very simple app in , but I don't know what.

I made some fixes to ( client written in ) and also added Discussions to the repository: ask questions, share ideas, talk about Waffle without worrying about opening an issue!


I notice that xdg-open'ing links doesn't work if the whole thing runs through torsocks. That means if I run through torsocks it can't open HTML/web links!

Anyone know a workaround or why this is?

I've made a setup for (a server). The image is me routing my client written in through torsocks to access my hidden gopherhole.


Serving hidden IRC/ZNC and gopherhole at: hyperzzzk4zxiyghqnkrgi67hmqn2tr7ju4zoyi3hlzapm3pxh5vkhqd.onion

I have a weird issue where xdg-open doesn't work when using torsocks, though.

( client written in ) v0.23.0 is here!

Big release! Builds coming soon, too!



* Homepage support
* "Ok" and "cancel" buttons for popups
* Bookmark title in bookmark mode
* Support for "waffle addresses" like waffle://bookmarks, waffle://help, and waffle://assocs

Also there are a couple fixes!

@lindner Hey it's me! I moved/renamed my Mastodon account to this one! Also I'm at a new Matrix! I think I we already share a private room on Matrix (I'm @hyperrealgopher:privacytools.io).

I'm still working on (the Gopher client written in Haskell). About to drop another big release.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Todo list for today:

‣ Finish setup for ultra-private and controlled IRC (Tor-connected ZNC users you mange only)
‣ Maybe work on backup script stuff
‣ Finish new release of ( client written in )
‣ Start a simple 2D game demo in

Other ideas for latter in replies...

I just finished some new ( client written in ) features! A new dialog system and homepage management and more! Expect a new release soon! I had to take a break to learn stuff but now I feel confident going forward.

Once the v1 is out or maybe a bit sooner I might start a 2D game project to keep pushing my Haskell abilities. I have some ideas... it might be cool to make a multiplayer WASM thing... maybe I'll make some tools for my soon-to-be hidden gopherhole (+IRC server)

Wow! You can use pattern matching with very specific criteria on records in !

Thanks to this article: joshbohde.com/blog/pattern-mat

here's something I just did in my code for :

appEvent gbs@(GopherBrowserState{gbsPopup=(Just n)}) e = ..

I've been taking time to just really double down on my Haskell skills because need to be cleaned up/refactored.

Kind people have been mentoring me.

This blew my mind after trying to implement `traverse` for `Foo a = Foo a [a]`:

`traverse f (Foo a as) = Foo <$> f a <*> traverse f as`

I've been taking a long break from writing in order to study Haskell theory type stuff.

Sorry I haven't been doing much development recently! I've been challenging myself to up my knowledge recently! The more complicated concepts in general. Last few days I've been focused on monad and monad transformer challenges.

Maybe v2 will be adding Gemini support.

By the way, Waffle v1 is close to being finished. The last feature is almost done, but I have cleaning to do.

Hoping for some code review after since I'm a noob.

Sorry I have been slow with updates and coding.

All that's left for v1:

* Massive code clean up and documentation
* Static binaries, packages, (releases!)
* Ability to set home page
* Maybe the ability to make help page, bookmarks, config pages addresses like about:config
* Be able to ctrl+s to save a text file

Should be finished soon. I then plan to post on Hacker News, Reddit, and some other websites after people here take it for a test drive, also maybe after code review.

I'm just playing some games in ... some of which didn't work right in other clients.

There was some text adventure game in Gopherspace that I can't find anymore.

(a TUI client written in ) v0.20.0 is here.

You can now make themes for Waffle using an INI file!

Pictured is a horrible example of the infamous "Hotdog Stand" theme from Windows 3.1 being implemented in Waffle.

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