Please check out my ( protocol)!

There's not much on it yet. It uses my special software to build the gopherhole. I'll write about the setup soon.


I made a setup where you manage your gopherhole by simply pushing updates to a git server and will rebuild it and I have tested and confirmed this works well.

This just needs cleaning up at this point.

Tooters, gophernauts, I have heard you! I am going to rely completely on frontmatter, not file extensions at all if I can help it, for rendering control in .

Thanks for your input!

Hey people! I made a room for discussing the Gopher protocol!

There's also the gopher channel on libera, which I intend to bridge in the future.

I made . What are your dream static gopherhole builder features? Think but for the protocol and built in .

Loaded up in ( client).

Not sure what's going on here! Usually terminal color codes work great. Not sure what the stuff in the yellow is supposed to be.

I'm doing rounds of donating to -oriented projects so let me know if you're interested.

I popped on (IRC) to say "hello" to @tomasino on the "gopher" channel. I'm thinking about setting up a Docker configuration for a /#IRC bridge in order to bridge that channel with the Matrix room I created for .

And here I thought I was being clever with the name ! Ha! Thanks for the mention in the disambiguity section of your README, @tomasino! I have done the same with a recent comment to my Burrow project:

I recommend people check out Tomasino's project. It's very in the spirit of gopher and is well crafted.

I made a protocol room in for talking about anything Gopher! Come and share , talk to Gopher devs, listen in, share your code!!ItDrIbwsnFXsMDxwv

I'm almost done with phlog tagging, front matter implemention, code cleanup/refactoring, and probably some other stuff I forgot about for ( builder).

Next will be to work on @tomasino's suggestion: feeds for phlogs.

I'm thinking about using YAML headers like Jekyll for phlogging in .

I got (a static generator for the protocol) in good working condition with usable documentation. I want to add phlogging support, though!

Now I'm focused on my (encrypted) tape backup manager software called . I'm adding the encryption key list. Then I have to make it so keys can be assigned to tapes. Then it's pretty much ready for basic/beta usage.

I threw this together...

: a builder. Like a but for the protocol!

You can use and to build your gopherhole!

Coming soon: phlogging tools!

Using handy vim macro I made using visual block selection to tweak an ascii art font file I made for showing the font spec for , my hole builder.

An example of what I'm working on with : a static gopherhole builder written in . It can also render to regular text files.

I have a proof-of-concept/almost finished static gopherhole generator on GitHub! It's made in and should work with any protocol daemon, especially (which I made a Docker setup for) and .

Warning: not fit for production use. Very messy. Proof-of-concept. First real version coming soon.

My gopherhole builder proof-of-concept is done! I just have to clean it up a little and upload the alpha to GitHub.

The first release of my builder is near! It's like a static site builder, but for gopherholes! It's written in and uses the libraries I linked below.

Mustache for templating:

Commonmark for parsing Markdown:

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