Please check out my ( protocol)!

There's not much on it yet. It uses my special software to build the gopherhole. I'll write about the setup soon.


I made a setup where you manage your gopherhole by simply pushing updates to a git server and will rebuild it and I have tested and confirmed this works well.

This just needs cleaning up at this point.

gopherhole builder is out with a standalone static executable and package.

It has a ton of features including building feeds for tagged phlog posts and more! You can use and . Front matter as well.

Out now: build with , tagging, , templating, and have control over the entire process through frontmatter and configs!

Linux x86_64 friends: here's a pre-release static build of !

Try cloning and running this command:

burrow --source example-gopherhole/ --destination built/ --spacecookie

I made a for which enables you to tag for a release and the workflow will set your project.cabal to the version specified by the tag, make a commit that moves the tag to that new commit, and make a release for that tag which includes a static binary that is in a tar.gz.

Speaking of which, here's the first release of (an alpha) which was built with that system:

Nearly done automating releases (including static binaries) with actions/workflows.

Could someone please give this test static build of a try (just try building the example gopherhole like the README in the repo mentions)?

More info:

Spending some time learning about the Nix package manager. Hoping to make builds using for my project.

I think I'm going to make a Docker image for serving a based off my docker image for which will also have a server changes can be pushed to, which will trigger the gopherhole being rebuilt with my static site builder.

Taking time to configure more stuff on my server, go over backups, get my bouncer back online, and some other server-related-things.

A good opportunity to start using and restarting my gopherhole. Maybe I'll setup my gopherhole with a git service and something that watches files for changes... that would make a good docker image.

I think I will just remove the option to specify an input and output directory with the CLI in for now and just totally rely on the INI/config file. Debating if I should just assume .gophermap support through a daemon like Spacecookie or not right now.

Okay, it's time to make some releases of soon! I want to finish up some basic documentation and then I'll release v0.1 soon! The first tagged/release.

Any suggestions for learning about packaging for CLI tools or about and packaging in general?

Tooters, gophernauts, I have heard you! I am going to rely completely on frontmatter, not file extensions at all if I can help it, for rendering control in .

Thanks for your input!

Errata is an excellent library for handling errors about files/source. I'm using it in for anything related to user errors from files getting built into a gopherhole.

I made . What are your dream static gopherhole builder features? Think but for the protocol and built in .

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