How long before programming is reduced to "spec writer and tester?" Where your job is writing comments and vaguely testing to make sure the generated code is actually what you want? I think at least 80% of programming jobs as we know it today will be obsolete in less than five years and be replaced by comparatively low paying jobs that basically do exactly that.

@hyperrealgopher Writing the correct Spec is actually the hard thing, isn't it?

@bastian I don't even think that's necessarily true, honestly, especially as the AI will be able to increasingly interpret vague ideas and self prove them and explain its proof to someone.

@hyperrealgopher I fear, we will have to support the legacy systems for another 50 years. By then I hope we have overcome the necessity to work.

@hyperrealgopher there was a point where blacksmithing was a very high-paid job because if you needed it done right you had to get someone who knew how to do it.

As soon as we figured out how to mass-produce things, the ones who were paid were the ones who designed the machines that replaced the blacksmiths.

It's the same analogy with computers. Soon they'll be doing all the code generation themselves and the "programmers" will be paid highly to orchestrate the computers' thinking, not coding.

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